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Patch Adams


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fuck you robin williams,you are not funny.how have you survived in this industry for so long? your schtick is tired and redundant and was only midly amusing when you were coked up 24/7 on 'mork and mindy',although im sure you still are.

man you have some fucking hairy arms,and your face looks like a fucking goblin but still you seem to get rolls in major movie productions,i am convinced that nobody really likes you at all, they just think they do, kinda like coca-cola.it is only a matter of time before the execs. figure this out and it won't be long til your doing a one man show at casino-rama or some other shithole full of assholes like yourself.

you new movie 'RV' is another piece of shit,full of all your usual cliche comedy bits that you pepper throughout your career-im sure there will be a token nixon impersonation in there somewhere.i sure hope you at least got to stick your thumb in jojo's nubile ass while she blew you in your trailer.

your film career reads like my toilet paper after i've expelled two days worth of food through my digestive track and into my 'american standard'.

'bi-centennial man',that was a good one,fuck me.

i hate you,and hope this finds you struck ill with somekind of uncurable disease that will cause you and your loved ones pain,sorrow and unbearable stress as you slowly die a painful,long and harrowing death.

fuck your mother,

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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TaCk OnE?

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I only read the first line of your post before I was compelled to stop and write this.

I, CAN NOTSTAND robin williams.

I think I hate him most, when he's on shows like david letterman.

shut up, SHUT UP you fucking moron...

ah, catharsis. :)


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jesus Oh no! did he reject your advances or something?

Live @ the Met is one the best stand up comedy acts recorded, his 2 hour Inside The Actors studio was hilarious, he as has the ability to pull of both comedy and drama (fisher king, Good Will hunting, One Hour photo)

I guess Im just confused as to why anyone would write or have such disdain for someone they dont know...or if you do, he musta pissed you off good!
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He is the fucking worst in interviews. Tone it down a notch you annoying fuck.

The only time I can stand him even 1 iota is when he's in a dramatic performance when he's not funny at all, such as Good Will Hunting.
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Buddy Holly

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I thought Patch Adams was a great movie. very emotional.
One of my favorites of Robin Williams. Oh and the World According to Garp rocked too.


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I don't mind his acting but his stand-up really smokes boners.
he thinks joking about pubic hairs and diarrhea is still funny----stupid douche


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I love da man. Sure, this RV movie is going to bomb, but he is one of the greatest comedians evaaar.

Believe you me, when he croaks the Academy will give him a lifetime achievement Oscar.

Robin williams is the shizzle.
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natureboy said:
I don't mind his acting but his stand-up really smokes boners.

I was going to type something similar to this view, but you've expressed it so much more eloquently than I ever could have.

My friends and I used to comment as far back as the mid 80's how his interviews were such a drone...cue John Wayne voice...cue bad rapper imitation....

and then this came along, and again, expressed it so much more eloquently

Robin Williams Leaves Entertainment Reporter in Stitches

Sunshyne Jones

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Booty Bits said:
i love him but he makes some bad choices.

or maybe he makes some choices based on quality of movie script and some based on the desire to make some quick cash (e.g. RV).

sure sure, he has lots of money, why does he need more?

acting is his job. why shouldn't he?
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