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Passport Question

Special K

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K so my Passport expired and I want to get it renewed.

Where can I get it re-issued downtown? Do I need to bring any kind of documentation with me? $$$ ? Pictures of myself?

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there's a passport office on Victoria street, I think. It's a side street between yonge and church, between queen and king. It's a mall, with immgration and citizenship offices on the third floor. can't remember the exact addy :confused: regrets.

you'll need to bring two pieces of photo ID--a citizenship card and a health card will do. Take along your sin card, just in case. It'll take a couple of weeks and $65, if I remember correctly, but please don't quote me on it. go early and you should zip through the line up (take a number as soon as you enter).
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yeah, i had to wait in line for an hour and then realized that was just the line for the waiting room...

the waiting room took over 2 hours and then my picture wasn't approved and i had to do it all over again..



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since there's a thread here, where can i get a british passport near brampton?

i'm guessing the consulate, but where is it?


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Next time take a portfolio of shots. Ask them to pick one.
And on that note, I need to renew my passport.
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Originally posted by REMI XO
Do I need a passport to enter the US?

some people say yes...some people say no
when i was travelling back from arizona on new year's eve,
the flight attendant said that starting this year, a passenger is requested to show a proof of id that proves a location of birth.
(so you can either carry a birth certificate and a driver's license or some sort of ID or simply get a freaking passport!) :)

Temper Tantrum

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do yourself a favour and if you can go in the morning do that. It gets insanely crowded in the afternoon and you will have to wait a lot longer.

Also you can no longer smile in Canadian passport pictures. weirdest. shit. ever.

Good luck :) the rest of any relevant information in my experience is much better explained by those webpages. I lost my passport a couple months ago and it took FOREVER to get a new one because of police reports etc.

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