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party people speak up...


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George Smitherman "comes out" again!


I call it courageous and inspiring, and see it as yet another victory for addiction and mental health.

I'm looking for Tribe's thoughts.......be they innane ('cause we can't avoid that now can we :p ) and distasteful or respectful and serious.

Is he fucked politically or are people gonna be cool w/ it? Whatever, we all have a past, and it's nice to see a politician as human.


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if the UK Conservative party can elect as its leader an admitted cocaine user, if the PQ can elect a leader who is both out of the closet and an admitted cocaine user, I think for a gay Liberal MPP in Ontario this should blow (hahah) over pretty quick.


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Does anyone give 2 shits about what a politician did in his past life - particularly party drugs? He's just having a random Oprah moment...and giving the gay community a bad name by suggesting the only way he could cope with his father's death was thruogh drugs - such as E and Coke.

A big, fat WHATEVER goes out to him and his "admission"

(what? is he being blackmailed by some 18 year old gay lover?)
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"But he said alcohol played a factor as a trigger drug."

"He said he had to cut certain friends out of his life because they were too closely associated with drugs and the party scene, and initially he did not think he had the strength to avoid temptation.

When he finally cut out alcohol completely, he found it much easier to stay clean."

ah, cocaine.

Mr Smitherman sounds not unlike a good number of people we know and love.


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Papillon said:
He's just having a random Oprah moment...and giving the gay community a bad name by suggesting the only way he could cope with his father's death was thruogh drugs
Or recognizing it was only a matter of time before one of the party "friends" from his past announced it to the world, which would have come across far more detrimentally.

So Lo

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This guy is a douche bag and signed a bill allowing all international students studying to be doctors in Ontario to get matched for residency jobs in Ontario. It screws over Canadian students and leaves them with debts out of their ass and jobless. Here is some info my friend sent me:

>This is an email I and every other 2007 grad received yesterday from a 2006
>grad. I've withheld the student's name and the email to Smitherman the
>student refers to to protect privacy.Hello,To everyone who was at the Bruce
>Tovee lecture yesterday evening, please find the following e-mail which I
>had written to the Minister of Health, George Smitherman (some of you had
>wanted a copy in order to understand what the main points of my argument
>are).To everyone else: in a very embarassing announcement last night I let
>my class know that I have been unmatched along with several other students
>in Ontario. The government is very pleased at having matched 38 IMGs at the
>expense of Canadian graduates, and sites the 9 "scramble" spots up north as
>adequate for us 6 Ontario students (despite the fact that we are NOT
>guaranteed these spots and will "scramble" for them along with the 1200
>experienced and willing IMGs who will also apply).I feel cheated and robbed
>of 4 years of my life (not to mention some $80 000)-- what am I supposed to
>do with an MD and no residency spot? Who can seriously say that my chances
>next year will be any better? Who would accept investing so much into
>something and coming away with so little? If a student can get through a
>Canadian medical school program (and do very well at it too!) then why
>shouldn't he/she be guaranteed post-graduate training? There's very little
>we can do for me and my colleagues but, unless we make noise, 0T7, 8, and 9
>will have it even worse-- the plans are to let IMGs participate in the
>CaRMS match right from the first iteration in coming years!I'm all for
>strengthening the workforce, but NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF CANADIAN GRADUATES.
>My future in medicine in this country has been tarnished by this experience
>and I've really no clear sign from anyone that I'll be able to practice
>medicine here... so I've nothing to lose by making this problem known
>publicly. I'll be in parliament with Mr. Smitherman's critic, Elizabeth
>Witmer, next week to bring this issue to attention.


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i'm willing to bet the "addiction" bit is a spin. admitting that you did drugs and had a good time with them and that's it that's all isn't as inspiring or forgivable.

and what are these "party drugs?" he wouldn't be the first politician to powder his nose. or the first regular joe to do it either. so really, who gives a shit.
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Kinda like how students/grads in many other professions have to compete with international students for articling roles?

No one guarantees a lawyer an articling position after they pay for and finish their gruelling schooling.

Sounds like doctors had it pretty good there for awhile, before the "douchebag" went and screwed them over.

I'll bet lawyers would have enjoyed guaranteed post-graduate training, too.

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But hang on, were the 38 international students guaranteed a match?

If that's the case, that's a bit shady.

But if they just happened to be matched, alongside the Cdn students, I don't see how that's any different from what goes on in other professions.


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whatever his story is, he's got a really gay face and he looks like he enjoys poppers to this very day.