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party @ headwinds' house!


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AHAHAHAHAH Best night ever!

A few beers + TV @ Brandon's place, then off to Queen Video to rent an Anime flick, stopped at that TD bank machine at Queen & Spadina and I found a $50 bill! FREE BEER

One movie and a few beers later we checked out Finary's pad for some trancey chilley tunes. Talked & had fun with my first ever hash (yowza!)

Then we legged it for Element where I am very grateful we got in free, we danced, we boogied, we got tired, but that wasn't it nooo..

We checked out Lincoln again (finally got to see that place a second time) and things were good. Loads of fun, and a dancing with a girl who was loving the fact that we were dancing (the only two ppl in the place). Damn me and my drunken shut-down brain! I should have networked on that one!

Then it was home-time for me, it was early night (felt like such a long time), I don't even remember making it to Yonge St for the bus.. oh yah, and I'm stil drunk (it's 12-noon!) not enough sleep

Brandon! Wicked time, thank for hauling my ass downton, I would've wasted Saturday night at home! And I wouldn't have had so much fun (and luck!) Best night ever!



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Oh yeah, imet some people (I remember now)

cool to hang with ya mingster & finary



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by air-bag:
The anime night was OUR idea!!
You are cheating on me with echootje huh?

yup and we rented MoFo's choice....Perfect Blue.

totally silly night - I couldnt believe it when I got home just after 2am. what a whirlwind! In this case, two did make a party.