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If you're in Vancouver on the 13th and you're feeling lucky drop by the FU Magazine launch party for thier third issue.

It's the Anza club at 8th and Ontario.

I'm not sure what the musical line up is going to be but I'm sure it will be a good place to start a night.

Check out the mostly complete web site for more info. www.fumag.ca


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Here's more about the party tonight...

Colin Throness said:
Fierce dancin sounds from Mad Mike Mathers, DJ RJ Dubya, and Commando.

Funny stuff from The Middle Part, and McBeth & Chernecki (starts at 10:30, so get der early).

Free mag!!!
PS. as a warning the magazine is edgy to the point that I have difficulty writing material for it.


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good question. I should really be on top of these things.

I'll be sure to ask a couple of times tonight to make sure I don't forget in some kind of drunken haze.

It is free if I can figure out where they drop it off.

It's kind of like only but not as main stream... maybe I will get one of the guys who's in charge to write out a description. The only tag line I know is "fithy rag".


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the party was hilarious, had some fun spinning tunes (probs with the sound system slight bummer) for some crazy dirty mofos. the performance art piece was "interesting" but if he said racoon boy one more time i was gonna bug out. FU mag is for real!
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Yeah, interesting was a good description of the night.

The magazine's getting better to, even if it didn't have any of my submissions this time around :( (or maybe because of the fact). I'm still claiming to be "inspiration" for one of the poems though :D