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Parks & Wilson Essential Mix 2002-02-24


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i posted a review to the what are you listening to thread in the main forum...and upping a copy to the watcher's site.

d r u n k p u n k

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Heres a tracklisting if anyone wants to know what was played :p

01. Bola FYU I - 'Verti Hon' (Skam Records)
02. Revolt - 'Am I still Dreaming' (Bliss Recordings)
03. Phanto Power - 'A Dollar And A Dream' (Clicktracks)
04. DJ Go Go - 'Saynna' (Cyber)
05. G Pal presents Ghos - 'Can You See The Lights' (Yoshitoshi)
06. Quivver - 'Boz Boz' (White label)
07. Sphere - 'I Love Sound' (Tune Inn)
08. Datar - 'U' (Hooj Choons)
09. Minilogue - 'In A Deep Emotion' (Baroque Records)
10. Blackwatch - 'Time Flies (Ice Cream Social remix/re-edit)' (Pitch Black)
11. Electrica - 'O'Spectra (Original mix)' (Bedrock)
12. Orbital - 'Illuminate (Charlie May remix)' (White Label)
13. Liz Frazier - 'Underwater (Charlie May remix)'(White Label)
14. Tilt feat Maria Nayler - 'Headstrong (Blade & Droid Dub)' (Baroque Records)
15. Odessi - 'Beautiful Malika(King Of Spin remix)' (Baroque records)
16. Andy Moor - 'Athena (Ambient - Pella mix)' (Baroque Records)
17. Bjork - 'All Is Full Of Love (remix)' (White Label)
18. Pete Lazonby - 'Wave Speech (Parks & Wilson Scalpel mix)' (Bliss)
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first track is bola - vertiphon

fyuti is the album it's from

I don't know why every week whoever puts up the essential mix tracklistings does such an awful job at transcribing the proper names
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Originally posted by d r u n k p u n k
maybe because that's the way they are listed on radio one's website? :p

i think deep was referring to the people who post the listings to the radio 1 site itself. they quite often have gaps, or are in the wrong order, etc.

anyway, i'm listening to this now -- coutesy of deep and the tribe ftp, thanks! -- and have to say that so far i'm enjoying it. i find with most progressive sets that i can listen and enjoy, but they just don't get me dancing. this sounds like another in that vein.


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I've listened to the first 60 min so far and am loving every minute of it....well except for when Tong buds in with his annoying voice.



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I like when Tongs steps in.

Also, this mix is brilliant...very bright and uplifting.

much respect to P and W...they can rock it when they want to.
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oh and if you listen closely at tong's intro you can tell he has a slight speech impediment, somewhat slurred. i never noticed before. :D