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Paris, France - Food & Hotels?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by djfear, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. djfear

    djfear TRIBE Member

    So I know there are a bunch of threads on Paris, and in fact more on Paris Hilton than anything! (Great, now I've included "Paris Hilton" in the search thread) But I was hoping to start a slightly more recent one.

    Could anyone recommend great places to eat or great hotels? I was hoping to stay around the Quartier Latin as I heard it's very nice...

    And I know asking for food recommendations in Paris is kind of silly, but does anyone have favourites?
  2. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    I found food in Paris to be very underwhelming. At least in the few blocks around the Louvre and other normal tourist parts.

    I stayed in a holiday in which was basically right beside the louver it was very trendy but really who cares your never in it.
  3. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member

    Go to McDonalds and have a 1664. Be sure to pack your suits properly.

  4. oeretS

    oeretS TRIBE Member

    in addition to the usual spots, be sure to hit the 20e arrondissement for night time fun - very cool area and not so touristy
  5. culture

    culture TRIBE Member

    I was in Paris for 10 days this May and also was totally unimpressed with the food. We took a few recommendations of some top rated restaurants on Trip Advisor and were surprised to be disappointed most of the time.

    We stayed at the Hotel Wilson Opera, which is just around the corner from Saint-Lazare station. We had the corner suite on the top floor and it had a beautiful wraparound balcony with a view. It had recently been remodeled and looked nice.

    The second place we stayed was the Hidden Hotel, which is a short walk from the Arc Du Triomphe. Its a boutique hotel and the interior was really nice. Alot of nice details like separate dimming lights over the bed and big 2 person shower.

    They were both about the same price, and I wouldnt rate one above the other.
  6. Techdruid

    Techdruid TRIBE Member

    Spent a few summers in Paris and stayed for cheap at the Cité Universitaire. A few stations down on the blue RER line from St-Michel/Notre Dame, so if you get a Carte Orange (like a Metropass) you're good to go. Really cheap eats found @ the Cité cafeteria, too. Otherwise, when on the Ile or other tourist traps I was living on paninis and croque madames. (... and wine of course.)
  7. djfear

    djfear TRIBE Member

    I wonder... is it worth it to bring a full size tripod or just a little mini one?
  8. Aerius Zension

    Aerius Zension TRIBE Member

    Full size.

    We stayed in a boutique hotel just 10 mins away from Notre Dame. I liked the food, fresh bread in the morning was a real treat. Sipping wine and cheese below the Eiffel tower was touristy, but nice. I like Paris, but its very metropolitan.
  9. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    Yeah Paris food is about eating on the go and hitting boulangeries.

    Eating meh food in a cafe while people watching. Wine is cheaper than pop, water or tea.

    In fact i'd love to open a pasta franchise here that I found in paris where you pick your noddle and type of sauce and it's instant pasta on the go. Most nights after we'd been out all day doing museums and what not we'd eat in the hotel room with something we'd picked up before hand.
  10. djfear

    djfear TRIBE Member

    Do you remember the name of the hotel? I'm having trouble picking one. I wouldn't mind one of those smaller boutique hotels around Quartier Latin, I just don't wanna pay more than 120E per night (and that's already a lot), although I'm a little flexible if it's in a really sweet spot. A lot of the spots I see are in the 2-300E which is just ridiculous.
  11. RedInMtl

    RedInMtl TRIBE Member

    I was just there last week actually and stayed in the Quartier Latin. I don't know when you're planning on going but right now the city is packed, we had a hard time finding a decent hotel that wasn't 300+EU a night. Everywhere was booked solid and expensive...

    We ended up at the Hotel de Paris Quartier Latin Hotel de France Quartier Latin - Paris - OFFICIAL SITE. 2 star but very nice, quiet, clean rooms, updated and good sized washrooms, AC, great location right beside the subway, lots of good restos and cafes in the area. Definitely recommend it. We paid 119EU a night. If you do end up there try to get a room on the 5th floor as they have little balconies.

    I would definitely recommend a few restaurants in the area:

    La Grotte la Grotte - Restaurant à Paris was excellent and reasonably priced, good tunes too! Try the camembert beignets!

    We had a great fondue dinner at a resto pretty much beside La Grotte (the guy from la Grotte recommended it). Called Saveurs de Savoie Saveurs de Savoie : Paris. Very tasty! There are tons of fondu places around there but i would avoid them, very touristy. This one is better.

    Right beside the Hotel on Rue Monge was an italian place called La Comedia. Awesome awesome pizza, wood oven, authentic, great toppings and super tasty.

    You didn't ask about clubs but if you do want to go out then check out Le Showcase, it's under the pont Alexandre in an old boat hangar. Really cool space...saw Joris Voorn there it was an amazing night.

    Have fun and enjoy Paris!
  12. TRO

    TRO TRIBE Member

    Regetel Yllen Eiffel (Paris, France) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor
    I stayed here when I was there...

    standard room+ contental breakfast. right across from a metro station

    It's situated in between Tour de mountparnasse and eiffel tower. which is great cus it's in good walking distance for each.

    I can't remember the exact price but it was somewhere in the vacinity of 50-80 euros a night. but this was 4 years ago.

    I would deff stay here again if I was going back.

    as far as food...it's paris you really can't go wrong. just don't be surprised by seeing VERY FEW fast food joints. and prix fix menu will always be a safe bet. or grab a bottle of wine and a baguette and sit on the banks of the seine.
  13. TRO

    TRO TRIBE Member

  14. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    my post from this thread: http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/...to-restaurants-experience-39.html#post4027801

    i spent 5 days in paris a couple weeks ago, and during that time had some of the best food of my life. it was incredible to see the amount of care that almost every food-place - from world-reknowned restaurant to tiny bistro to sidewalk fallafel stand - would put into its quality ingredients and preparation.

    my first meal, at a tiny unassuming sidewalk bistro, consisted of almost a pound of steak tartar - one of the tastiest dishes of this kind that i'd ever tried, perfectly seasoned and infused with onions, capers and other goodies and topped with a raw egg - and at that moment i knew that we were in for a great week of food.

    here is a brief description of the best paris restaurants we visited:


    we hit this place because it's got the same name as that fois gras place in montreal. unlike the montreal restaurant, this place served only things that were "de cochon" which means 'of the pig'. you could order the legs de cochon, the tail de cochon, the ribs de cochon, etc.

    i ordered the signature dish, which was the "tete de monsieur" - you guessed it, the pig's head - and it was awesome. the dish was just what it sounds like, a full pig's head, separated into separate pieces for easy eating. the entire thing was tasty but the cheeks were the best part.

    total bill at this place, for two with wine, was about CDN$150.


    we found this place thanks to illuminati's recommendation in this thread. it's located in the 'le marais' district, which is a cool neighbourhood consisting of many awesome shops in a bazaar-like setting.

    this restaurant is tiny and we were one of only two couples having lunch at that time. there is a big fireplace in the back of the restaurant and all the meats are cooked on the fire, on either grills or flat metal plates.

    we ordered a fresh sausage appetizer and the 'beef ribs for two' for the main. both were incredibly fresh, tender and delicious. grilled and seasoned to absolute perfection, and they came with a delicious salad and incredibly tasty potatoes.

    total cost, for two including wine, was only about CDN$70.


    this was the first of our two blowout meals. this restaurant is ranked #14 in the world by restaurant magazine, so of course we had huge expectations.

    my main was the veal chop which was top notch in every way. jane had the duck, which i must say has to be the tastiest duck that i have ever tasted in my life. it is difficult for me to even explain this, but every bite of the duck had so many flavours attacking your mouth at once while the underlying duck-taste still came through, strongly and almost in waves. it was so delicious we almost didn't want to swallow.

    total cost, for two including wine, was about CDN$370.


    this was the ultimate blowout meal. ranked #3 in the world by restaurant magazine, #1 in france, 3 month waiting list, etc. ........ so of course we went in with HUGE expectations. so huge that i was afraid we might be disappointed.

    thankfully, my fears were unwarranted.

    this meal - which lasted almost 5 hours - was and is the most incredible food experience i have ever had. consisting of 7 courses (each of which consisted of what would count as 3 or 4 *different* courses at most toronto tasting menus) plus 2 cheese courses and then 5 dessert courses, this was a TON of food.

    for 5 hours, we were assaulted with extreme flavours, unique textures, powerful aromas, gorgeous presentation and everything else you can imagine. the chef is as much a "scientist" as he is a chef. some courses were designed to be eaten in a very specific manner, for example: eat the leaf on the plate, chew around 5 times, then take the spoon and swallow the jellly, chew and swallow, then take the cup of liquid and drink and swallow, then take the spoonful of fois gras and put in mouth, let it sit but don't swallow, then take the crisp with jelly and put in mouth, et al. .... you get the idea. for those courses, the different tasting elements would either be arranged in a row or in a circle around a large plate. each time there would be enough of each tasting element that we could "go around the plate" several times, so we had several opportunities to explore the complexities of what the chef was trying to accomplish.

    i won't even try to describe all the different foods and flavours that were involved. there was a large amount of seafood and the perfect amount of various meats. we felt like we had a bite of of almost every major category of animal on the planet.

    the restaurant is pretty small. only room for about 20 people and almost everyone was there for the first time, so it was great to interact and see the reactions at each table as they tried each course. it helped build the anticipation tremendously and created an amazing vibe within the restaurant; as if we were all experiencing something truly special together.

    total cost for this experience, for two including wine, was around CDN$950.

    given the cost, this is not an experience that we will repeat any time soon, but we were both very happy to have tried it once.

    i would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who loves to adventure through food. :)
  15. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    you did the food thing right :)
    Paris is not the food mecca of France of course; you have to go outside of there to get that.
    Often you will find surprisingly good unpretentious food in the odd neighbourhood brasserie or cafe, just served up nice. Wander around, away from the tourist hot spots, and just see how busy a place looks a lunch; and thanks to terraces, check what people have on their plates.

    Quartier latin is still good for cheap hotels. Le Showcase is kinda fun.
    If you want house music, check out Djoon; GREAT soundsystem and well tuned. Don't bother going much before midnight.
    And there are all kinds of random mini-parties in the Republique area.

    DON't go on a bateau mouche
    DO go on a batobus from Tour Eiffel to Notre Dame
    And you'll get your best shots of the tour eiffel from across the Seine

    bon voyage
  16. djfear

    djfear TRIBE Member

    Just sent in a booking request for 3 nights to this place... hopefully it goes through, except they told me it will be up to 2 days before they get back to me. A slight problem since I'm flying out in under 24h. :p

    Ah it'll be sorted out.

    Everyone thanks for all your input!!
  17. djfear

    djfear TRIBE Member

    Also found some dubstep parties happening at Rex Club, I'm just not sure how much of a tourist place that is. Don't know if my gf will wanna go though. We'll see...
  18. djfear

    djfear TRIBE Member

    I think I dropped $650 at Suser. $950... god damn....
  19. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    ^ definitely hit CHEZ ROBERT ET LOUISE in the le marais district. it was featured on an episode of anthony bourdain's "no reservations" show and will be my first meal the next time i hit paris. at CAD$70 for lunch, including wine, for two, it is unbeatable. here's a pic (that i just found on a foodie site) of the meal we had:


    ^ incredibly tender juicy meat, cooked to perfection in their fireplace while you watch.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
  20. djglobalkiller

    djglobalkiller TRIBE Promoter

    stayed at the cite too, RER B line...

    anyways the latin quarter for food was great, didnt have any bad meals there...

    hotel d'lavre on rue allesseur was good, stayed there for 2 weeks
    just near the champ de mars area and west of the tower
  21. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member

    I once had an encounter with a French diplomat. Oddly, or predictably, he was not Parisian but from a small town near the Belgian border.

    The French have a global reputation for the standards of their Diplomats, which is why I was struck somewhat in this case, as he wasn't particularly refined.

    As a Canadian we got along well, without the usual American banter. He introduced me to noteworthy indviduals and otherwise took great care.

    Probability says I'll never see him again.

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
  22. RedInMtl

    RedInMtl TRIBE Member

    Great, hope it all worked out for you!
  23. El-jay

    El-jay TRIBE Member

    If you want to do a nice picnic and want some high end food LA GRANDE EPICERIE DE PARIS is a do not miss. Its basically a high end grocery store with lots of ready to go food. Amazing selection of butters and salts. Good for foodies and foodie gifts.

    'A La Biche au Bois' is very french delicious and not expensive for paris. It is also full of Parisians so it is not a tourist trap and feels like you found an out of the way place.
  24. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    This is the food shop of Le Bon Marche, rue de Sevres (Metro Sevres Babylone); it's amazing; check out the number of single plantation chocolate bars you can find there.
    index - La Grande Epicerie De Paris
  25. djfear

    djfear TRIBE Member

    Tourist food sucked, yes I agree.

    We stayed in Hotel du France for the whole time, ate at all three places you suggested. They were both very good, and yes that area is really nice!! We would walk up to Notre Dam every morning to start our day, grabbing a sandwich jambon et gruyere (sp?) & a tart or two along with our cappuccino or espressos.... so good!!

    So I didn't hit the last two expensive places you went to, but Chez Robert Et Louise was our absolute favourite!! That place was so good....

    We hit up Au Peid Du Cochon, but the leg meal which was their "special" was all fat & skin. I didn't mind it but my gf hated it, and we got something similar to your pigs head dish, except that it was like a hot pot style. I think the cheeks were the really soft meat? That stuff was good.... except that they switched our meals so my gf who is a little squeamish about food had tongue and stuff in front of her and almost threw up when I insisted she try it!

    The desert was the best though.

    We hit up La Grande Epicerie De Paris when we hit La Bon Marche, where I bought a nice Dunhill wallet. :) You were right of course, the food there is amazing, as are the desserts! Bought a bottle of champagne, a japanese whisky blend (that I brought home), a bunch of different beers, and food. We ended up doing our little picnic in the hotel room though as it was too freakin' cold to do it anywhere else! Still it was a good night. :)

    Everyone, thanks for all the suggestions!!! Now I will detail the actual trip in the next post...

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