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Paranoid Jack-the Rev

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by discodancer_j, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. discodancer_j

    discodancer_j TRIBE Member

    To everyone who didn't make it out or make the effort, you missed a great set...

    i got there early to hook up with Isaac S who was warming up with crazy house goodies...

    took a couple laps around the main room and soon enough it was 12-30am...

    from the first track on i was drawn in and whipped around to the tech-house sounds of the one Paranoid Jack...great iSH and everyone else was having a great time.

    big ups to Paranoid Jack for playing an awesome flawless set,
    Isaac for warming up my ears with grace and trying out his mc styles...i see you baby!!!, and P-Air and Mark for driving me out from a far away land......

    ps-look out for Flippy and Freaky Flow to explode the rev in late march!!!
    pps-thanks for the tracks Manny

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