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Paranoid Jack @ the Crystal room Feb 10


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Just wondering if anyone has been to the Crystal room? If so, how is the venue, crowd, vibe etc. ? Did it used to be LeftbanK? Tim Patrick and Paranoid Jack this friday should be a great night!


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Jayforce plays there on Friday nights. he's freaking awesome. up and coming for sure. I haven't been to the crystal room on a friday though. hope the vibe is better then snobby tuesdays.


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Your right...my bad.. Tim is a fav of mine since back in the element days. I must say I was surprised that there wasn't a roll call about this event sooner.


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I am thinking of hitting this up...anyone have any idea what time they are coming on? what is the crystal room like, what type of crowd?
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I think they are going on at 12-12:30

I'm looking forward to this night. Its been a while since i've had the pleasure of hearing Tim and Paranoid Jack... it's going to be a treat.

see ya there


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will be stopping by for an hour or two... never been to the crystal room (and never thought i would) but now that i see some familiars heading out, i will get my recluse ass out and maybe even dance a step or two....
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