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Paranoid Jack @ Systeme Afterhours, Quebec City, the return....


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i can't really say anything else.

ok well, maybe i can....

over 700 people in a space designed for 550 just fucking completely LOSING IT for 3 hours. every time he comes down, his sets are better than the last time he was here. the crowds get bigger and bigger. WICKED NIGHT.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again ; you all don't really know how much of a good thing you have in Toronto.

mike ---- won't be falling asleep anytime soon cause the music got the adrenaline flowing too much


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lots and lots of rolling, percussive tech house, almost verging into techno territory. between128-132 BPM all night long. crazy atmospherics....crazy builds...a couple of classics....and an old bassment jaxx tracks just to make sure he had everyone hook, line, and sinker.....