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Par-T Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by alexd, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    Par-T, hung in there in the rain. Every moment you guys are out there our police and politicians are looking more and more retarded.
  2. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    I just see that they have released everybody. When you unthaw and dry off, you must post about this.
  3. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    I don't know how, but I was able to get outta there around 7ish after being trapped in...by that time the rain was coming down hard and my teeth were chattering, guess the police noticed and opened a hole, checked my ID quickly (seeing that I lived JUST up the street), and went home.

    I saw that at the south side of the intersection they had a white police cube truck all setup and ready to go, tear gas guns as well as rubber bullet guns.

    And that was easily the most peaceful demonstration I've seen all weekend.

  4. Big Harv

    Big Harv TRIBE Member

    Apparently the decision to keep people trapped there was made from higher ups, and you and everyone else who was arbitrarily trapped deserve an explanation from the people who made that call. I've defended and supported the actions of the cops on the ground all weekend notwithstanding my reservations about this G20 meeting and the amount of taxpayer dollars spent on security, but WTF to keeping a massive group of people like that enclosed in a massive storm.
  5. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    There were 15 year old girls who were freakin out, a lady with a dog who was freakin out...tourists were even trapped in there!

    There was NOTHING violent or provocative about the couple hundred people that had gathered there.
  6. Psyrel

    Psyrel TRIBE Member

    He's at CP24 waiting to be interviewed. I'm so happy he stuck it out in the rain and didn't volunteer to be arrested or else he'd be on a bus now heading to the detention center.
  7. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    Is Par-T the Sammy guy CP24 has been talking with?
    Well done!
  8. chooch

    chooch TRIBE Member

    crazy! glad that this is over.
  9. Psyrel

    Psyrel TRIBE Member

    No but Sammy was sheltering under his umbrella.
  10. Big Harv

    Big Harv TRIBE Member

    apparently the cops boxed in tourists, children, innocent bystanders who happened to be walking home from work/shopping and a woman in a wheelchair. This looks really bad - especially since most of the leaders had already left at that time - and there was no apparent need to keep people that long even if the weather was perfect
  11. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    They just corralled everyone in, from all 4 sides...and people who had initially been off to the side (on the sidewalk, near the CIBC/hot dog cart, etc) found themselves in the middle of it, asking how or where they could leave.

    Like I said, I was stuck there with Argentinian Football fans, 15 year old girls and old asian women.
  12. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    I used to say, under no circumstances should two men share an umbrella. I think I can let it slide in this case ;)

    Nice one Par-T.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2010
  13. Ilia

    Ilia TRIBE Member

    Hope you're dry-ish and on your way home....
    Can't see your interview on CP24 from this end of the world :( - but great to hear that you're ok.
  14. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    After all the stuff that went down yesterday, what's the problem with this? I doubt the cops did this for no reason, they must have seen something that warranted such a shutdown.

    Par-T still reads Tribe??
  15. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    Holy crap, the CP24 coverage is awful. Who is the idiot with the bowtie?
  16. Dialog

    Dialog TRIBE Member

    This thread is useless without pix
  17. Psyrel

    Psyrel TRIBE Member

    He's on CP24 now!
  18. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

  19. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    I agree.
  20. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    They were getting out their anger on random citizens for the car burnings yesterday.
  21. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    glad to hear he got out alright
  22. Par- T

    Par- T TRIBE Member

    Went down to see what had happened to my city after the riot yesterday. Waited till 5pm so that that most insanity would be over and strolled along Queen snapping pics and arrived at Spadina where people were holding a sit in.

    If any of that is a crime, neither me nor anyone has been informed of the change to the law. Yet this was worthy of hundreds of police to coral 200 people in the middle of the intersection. All dressed in their riot gear, helmets down shields up banging their batons. I saw no one in black, no facemasks, no weapons, no one provoking the police in anyway. Just people passing by taking picture of people sitting in the street.

    This terrible threat, the regular people of Toronto, people in wheelchairs, walking with dogs, people out shopping are so dangerous! We were not communicated with in any way, those who went to the line of black clad police to find out what was going on were arrested. All exits were blocked and we were crammed together.

    At various times the police would rush into the crowd and forcibly pull them out to be arrested. So while this is going on we are treated to a torrential downpour. Everyone huddles together under the few umbrellas, thankfully I brought mine but more than half the crowd had none. Before long we were all wet and cold, before long some were crying and all were shivering. Still no communication from the police other than when they yelled at us to move into smaller groups.

    Luckily one of the people who sheltered under my umbrella had a phone number for a reporter at CP24 and called and became a corespondant. I believe if this hadn't happened and the story hadn't gone to the media the result of today's events would have ended differently.

    For the hours we were trapped in the rain, more police would arrive and reinforce the lines or replace those who had been there longer. Eventually busses arrived and we were finally given some info, saying that we will be brought on board and processed in a dry and warmth (too little too late). Those who had already been arrested were put on the busses while the rest of us were left still standing in the rain.

    At 9:40 we we finally told that we could leave.

    None of this was justified! The police could have easily moved all of us out of the street, but at no point were we advised to move on, most were actually asking for a way to leave. We asked the police which way they wanted us to go so we could get out of the area - no respose was given, only to move back.

    This is not the way to treat people. Where were the heavy handed tactics yesterday when it was needed?

    This is not my Toronto or my Canada! I'm disgusted, annoyed with the way the authorities have acted. Mine and your MPs, MPPs and councillors should and will be notified of this.

  23. junglisthead

    junglisthead TRIBE Member

    glad to know i wasnt the only one to hold firm !

    dont forget to add then when people were getting frustrated and wanted to lash out others in the crowd calmed them down ! you just knew that the cops wanted an excuse to move in hard ! but the majority held firm !
  24. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    i have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for our police's service this weekend.

    you wanted to go down there and check it out? guess you got the full experience.
  25. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    they way the handled sunday night is whack. clearly somebody in high command had their head up their ass.

    we can all bitch about what the cops did and what the hooligans did, at the end of the day, the problem was hosting the g20 in downtown toronto.

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