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Pappa @ System!


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I was sorry to have missed the first couple of hours which I heard were amazing, but the last part of his set was still damn good! I went to the Tribe party, but it was waaay to hot, so I ventured down to this shindig. You could tell the crowd wasn't as full since most of the TBK were at Roll call...but still, Pappa had the place jumpin. Some massive tracks were dropped by this master. I can't wait to see him at the Guverment. Another great night from Breathe, thank you!


*Loves Breathe*
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What a wicked night! I was pretty damn drunk, and that always helps. Throw in some nice beats and some great friends, and you have a slamming party. Shouts out to all the TBK(or is it TBC?
)that I saw and met, you guys rock! Special thanks to fleaflo and Silver Robot for the free CD. You guys were dropping some sick beats in the back room! What I saw/heard of Anthony Pappa was really good. He's very skilled technically, and it showed through his tight, long mixes. The place was rammed, and the crowd was very receptive. Shiny happy peeps everywhere! Fuck man, I met SO many peeps, and that's what I enjoy most.

Libradragon, I'm gonna have to practice keeping a straight face after sucking back the Jagermeister.

Gizmo, you know what to do! Soccer anyone?


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Poppa wuz Poppin!!

Ok...so I entered System Soundbar still buzzin' from the Raptor's win. Carter with 50 points and 8 three pointers. I guess that's for another board....

Mark Scaife warmed things up nicely as usual. (another U2 remix? kewl) I, as well as the rest of the crowd, could not wait to hear this Nu Breed futhermucker drop his latest tracks.

Progressive, progressive, some hard ass progressive. The guy was devine! When a DJ works craft it definately shines through. I always say that Toronto is becoming more and more educated and selective when it comes down to their dj's and parties. Poppa @ System did not disappoint! He delivered hard ass treble, synthy bass lines, rolling beats, bang...bang...bang....bang...

bang...bang...bang....ok....so I think I banged one too many beers back last night. My head aches from jumping up so much and grooovin' to the music. Damn my legs hurt. The "chunes" were slammin tonight.

I personally prefer when there is "less sketch" to a crowd of people enjoying Electronic music. Breathe Fridays have something goin' on with this Poppa fella!

Motto for the evening - Free yo mind and yo ass will follow!


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Left the Tribe party at 1am and made it down to System for Anthony Pappa.

This guys rocks hell! Blowing off with really tight, long mixes and the programming is impeccable. Enjoyed his set totally... Everything was so perfect, except for this idiot who kept knocking on the see-thru DJ-panel and pestered Anthony numerous times to turn the volume up. WTF??!!

Anyways, I really enjoyed his set at System.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Lexicon:
Enjoyed his set totally... Everything was so perfect, except for this idiot who kept knocking on the see-thru DJ-panel and pestered Anthony numerous times to turn the volume up. WTF??!!


I'm sorry, but peeps like that should be shot and pissed on! Let the DJ do their thing!
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YES! What an awesome night! Wow, had such a great time. Pappa was totally tearing shit up the whole night long. Coudln't get enough of the tribaly sounds at the beginning. A very, very tight set technically, with the exception of one bad mix he had to bail out of pretty fast. I was QUITE impressed. I haven't danced that much to any set in a very, very long time.

Even the back room was kicking it...walking in to hear King of Snake at one point was totally what i needed.

We stayed until 6, which is something I haven't done for a while, and the place was still off the wall.

Had the greatest company....Dave, Andre, Nick, everyone else...thanks for making the night sexcellent.

And YES...the people by the glass panel by the dj booth need to diiieee!!



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by KiX:
Even the back room was kicking it...walking in to hear King of Snake at one point was totally what i needed.


now that would be because Fleaflo and Silverrobot tore it up from 12-2am, LukeF and Carlos for the remainder of the night...


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Well, what can I say. This was the first time I've been to Breathe since January and I had quite the time.

Got there around 1ish just in time to clap Scaife off the decks and welcome Pappa.

Pappa played an almost flawless set with a few very minor gliches. around the end his set, he began to play a little harder stuff (I didn't mind). He ended his set with The Fall- Way Out West which was a fitting end to a superb night.

Thanks to the Wintergalactic guys Andre and Deacon for help at at the door; you guys rock. Nice to party with ya again Tina; always a blast
Nice to finally meet you DEEP !!!!


Chris Flavor

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Wow what a night! I didn't get off my feet for 8 hours. Every one who came out last night was totally spoiled by one of the best vibes I've experienced in Toronto in a long time. Thanks to everyone who was there for being a part of it. It's night like that that remind me there are so many beautiful people in T.O.


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wow...what an incredible night of tunes...first off i have to say thanks to mark for dropping subtech-timeshift & really enjoyed chatting w/ you (next time a few beers on me), & i actually arrived to this track...what a great night!!! system was rammed & everyone was really into the party...as always mark opened up with a solid set of funky & smooth tracks...managed to catch a little of flea & silver robot in the back room b/n 1 & 2 & they were both laying down some excellent mixes (respect to both of you & continued success)...

i found pappas set took a little while to get going...i'm not saying the mixes weren't incredbie (cause they were), but it took about an hour for the set to really get flowing (maybe it was because the bar was still in full effect & we were fully supporting the bar last night
)...i would love to know the name of the track w/ the robotic filtered voices...(dropped around 4-5am)...& the track w/ the vocal sample "dig it"...incredible tunes...didn't plan to have a late night, but ended up hanging around til close to 7am...

rick, thanks for the shots & a pleasure throwing back a couple of red bulls w/ you...to everyone else i hope you all had an incredible evening, & steve i hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations...nesta as always great to see you & sam pleasure seeing you & meeting your g/friend...

& to the breathe faithful, what an incredible party going on every friday night in this city, it truly is a great evening of friendly faces, & serious music...i had a great time, haven't slept yet so gotta catch a few zzzs right now...thanks again to the entire breathe crew & see you all again soon...

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& to steal a famous quote (if you don't mind)

I Love Fridays

(& i should really use that spell check key from now on



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wow what a wicked night..as expected Pappa was tearing it up as soon as we walked in. Alot of the regualr crowd for Fridays (you could tell) were at Roll Call but it didn't matter 'cause we ROCKED IT with the peeps we had the pleasure of partying with....Dave, Tina, Sanjay, Red, Laura (little sis
), Joey, Cheff, Ravi, Al, Mark & Steve (good seeing you again), and the rest..you guys all made me smile.

It has been a while since the family ventured out, but it was a wicked night...the back room reminded me of Danny Tenaglia at Space in Miami though. wicked tunes...no visibility.

after System we ventured over to the Tribe party, but it was closed and we were cracked out in the rain...life goes on.

then we.....I completely forget..

see you next weekend for MAY 2 4

Peace and Respect,

the deacon of vibe


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Here are some pics from an amaizing night

Me and Mark "NuBreed" Scaife, who played the perfect warm up set. Nice one mark!

Sam (RJ45) and Kathleen (Ms. Kitka), awwww

Me, John (djcheezwhiz), Rick (gump8 ) and Sam (RJ45)

Anthony Pappa

Anthony Pappa in a great pic thinking "get that fucking camera outta here"


Me and Anthony Pappa. Come on Anthony you can smile for the camera, can't you?

(thats Scaife's finger over the lense, hahaha, he also dropped the camera.)

Thanks for taking that pic mark
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