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papers for working stateside


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How does one attain:

"proof of eligibility to work in the United States"

I'm graduating in May and am aplying to a very large sportsgood company (as a design intern). I am familiar with getting this done "after" a job offer, but before hand seems quite tricky.

Anyone know where to start...?

luv you tribe :)
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i can only speak from the perspective of getting a TN visa.

In order to get this visa (one year, renewable), you need:

1. Proof of employment in the US (a letter from the company, saying you have the job and what the job entails).
2. proof of your profession (e.g. a degree in that specific field) - to get a TN visa, you must be practicing in one of the 'approved' professions
3. $50 US
4. Proof of canadian citizenship

the INS website should have the most up-to-date info about this.

my gut feeling is that it will not be possible for you to get a work visa until you have a job lined up.



^^^ may be of help

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THX :)

i guess so, but once i have an offer (hopefully) then it shouldn't be a problem...but getting proof that it "shouldn't be a problem" is what they may be asking for :) hehe


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If your profession is on the NAFTA list posted, then the company that is making you an offer should be aware/made aware that you have preferred status to enter the US and work under NAFTA.