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Panos 'Machine Music' NSM019, support: Scumfrog, Flash Bros, Miss 9, Randall Jones


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Panos - 'Machine Music' (Kris B, Jairus Miller, Banx mixes) - Nightshade Music NSM019
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Kris B, Jairus Miller and Banx deliver three different takes on Panos's techy melodic original, as we keep this release entirely within the extremely talented pool of U.S. based artists. The original from Panos (following recent well received releases on Brandnewvibe and Giant Squid) comes in with a driving club beat and big sidechained pads, while synth blips make the melody over the top and a big dirty bass drops underneath. The track strips down to its essential elements as the melodic structure grows and the beats pound. Label head Kris B starts his mix with funky stabs and sparse beats as the other elements of the track build slowly. A deeper organ riff adds a key change and gives way to a huge dirty, funky bassline while the simple effective beats move everything along, leading to the big bass heavy finale. Jairus Miller brings his unique voice to this release with a pounding tech groove, adding some bigger progressive melodies, big dynamic changes and some killer choppy funk, mixing genres as he does so well. Banx rounds out this package with a stripped down elegant remix, taking it in a more minimal melodic direction, simple and bangin. The techy groove builds with a catchy melodic arrangement as old school 303's make a harmony, bits and pieces of the original pads swirl in and out as the beats drop.

The Scumfrog - "Love this! Kris B my favorite mix! "
Flash Brothers - “Jairus Miller mix is very cool, like the 80's vibe! ”
Randall Jones - "I like the Banx mix! Will play in opening sets and radio shows." - 4.0 / 5
Miss Nine - “Kris B mix”
M.O.D.E - “machine music is excellent“
Liquid Todd - "thanks!"
Chloe Harris - "i like banx mix a lot. its very late late 4 am builder song. great tune here" - 4.0 / 5
Sonic Union - "Very nice release! Hard to pick a favorite here, they are all good! Will play!"
Electrobios - "i like kris b remix! :)" - 3.5 / 5
Big Al - "Always on top of their music!!! Nightshade boyz never dissapoints. Nice release!!! Kris B's remix is the one for me. Will play & support!!! Thanks." - 5.0 / 5
Rob Salmon - “I liked the Kris B the best, Support”
Arjun / Jalabee Cartel - " Kris B mix is the one here .. solid, powerful and for the floor ! "
Kenny Substance - "Am loving Banx & Kris B remixes. 2 gems for different level of moods"
reached #3 ProgressiveHouse.com promo pool

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