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Panic Room: The movie



So. Checked this one out on a whim tonight with my sister and cousins, ya know, like its supposed to be on the grand holiday tradition of easter and all.

Recommended to any Hitchcock fanatics or those who like good guys being grand and bad guys being grander. They use one location as the entire setting, making us very familiar with the escape points, yet I always felt lost in the house. How Fincher did this is beyond me, and maybe even you.

Lots of dark comedy and some fingers getting chopped off, which ups a movie's quality by default for these eyes.

Jared Leto should have stayed on the set of Requiem for a Dream. Nice to look at ya Jar, but shut the fuck up. For real.


ps. I never knew Jodie Foster had such succulent breasts until this movie showed them off for like an hour and a half.


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why would she invest soo much cash into a "panic" room yet have only one phone in there, one thats attached to the house line which can be cut??

ever heard of cell phones!?
i still kinda wanna see this though.



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Plato, she moved into the house, the previous owner had this room, it wasn't like she built it for herself and her daughter.

The one phone line in there wasn't hooked up yet, since they had only been living in the house for a day....and yea, she tried her cell phone but you know how those are with a foot of steel on all sides.

This was a very good flick....the camera work was amazing! I loved the long pan shot when the buglars were first trying to get in....quite impressed.

Tearer, I thought the same thing!....Leto was so damn annoying in this one...it seemed as if he was hoped up on some drug the whole time.

Foster was flawless...very suspensful...highly recommended.



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i paln to see this soon. i'm kind of thankful for the action movies and comedies (that one with cameron dias, though it should of been out around valentine's to have given me hope) that are coming out in the next couple of weeks.

maybe it's just me but it seemed like everything that's been playing lately have been oscar candidates and mainly thoughtful, drawn out dramas. now don't get me wrong, i can appreciate a film that is a little more sophisticated thematically and stylistically, but every once in a while i want to see stuff blow up and laugh like a maniac. :)

foster's breasts may have looked a little more ripe than usual because she was pregnant during filming...
I just want to see this because David Fincher directed it. He's a genius, no doubt about it. And I've been a rabid follower of his work, stemming from his Madonna and Michael Jackson videos to his ads for Nike and others, to his film work.

Alien 3
The Game
Fight Club

His work is unique and very, very tight. He managed to make Fight Club into a film (which, when proposed, was deemed largely unfilmable), and has an interesting choice of projects. I'm still looking forward to what he's going to do with Rendezvous With Rama, with Morgan Freeman. Watch this guy. I'm quite confident in saying he's a talent that will deliver something unbelievable sometime soon, if he hasn't already with Fight Club.

From the Ministry of worship the ground he walks on. He's changing the face of cinema as we speak.

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James, the direction of the movie was its ace of spades.

Especially the opening credit sequence. Visually stunning.

Still the movie overall doesn't get more than a 7/10 cuz it was too Hollywoody. From the guy who made Fight Club, you'd think he'd buck the establishment a little.
Originally posted by Tearer
Still the movie overall doesn't get more than a 7/10 cuz it was too Hollywoody. From the guy who made Fight Club, you'd think he'd buck the establishment a little.

Can't keep biting the hand that feeds you, or you can't get more scratch to make em.

Also, I heard he partially took on this project because of the cartel of director's he's trying to form with Steven Soderborough that will allow them to own their own films, rather than make them for the studios.

From the Ministry of he's a shrewd man, and even Speilberg admitted that he made Jurassic Park 2 so he could make Saving Private Ryan.

Prime Minister Highsteppa

PS, was the trailer for Minority Report shown? Any other eye candy?


Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa

PS, was the trailer for Minority Report shown? Any other eye candy?

Yep, this was the only trailer that caught my eye. It seemed to be some kind of Back to the Future meets Star Wars meets the Matrix hybrid. But with Spielberg, it's gonna have depth. The trailer showed some incredible visual effects.

Juan Love

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Wicked cinematography...as already mentioned that first shot through the house to the outside where we meet the "bad guys" was absolutley amazing.

But in total this was the same ol' story accept this time a wildly new aesthetic...in the end the black guy always gets fucked!!

For me the best part of this flick was in the performance of one man, Dwight Yoakam. As far as pop music icons playing psycho's in films...his Raoul charachter was brilliant! I haven't been so impresed since Donny Whalberg in The 6th Sense and before that Harry Conick Jr in Copycat.

Bottomline: this one was riveting...a tour de force of thrilling suspence in the Hitchcockian tradition...if there is one rack you see on the big screen this spring make it Jodie Foster's!