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Pancake dinner day!!!

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Littlest Hobo

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Holy crap. My gf has been bugging me all week about this shrove/pancake business. I’ve never heard of this, even though my mom and her side love teh Jesus.

What’s that popular Chinese dish that employs pancakes?

And yes, pancakes are good. My gf makes some kick-ass pancakes, with syrup from scratch and everything.


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Originally posted by sk8
why don't you just bring cheese and veggies and put them on the crepes.

they don't have to be eaten sweet.

or take something else. not going to a family thing cause you don't like the food seems a little silly.

i take food to stuff all the time cause of my restricted diet.

Actually I kinda have something else planned for tonight. I love going to my auntie's. She is very good about cooking for my very healthy vegetarian eating. I am not easy to cook for at all. I didn't feel like telling her I don't like crepes. They totally gross me out. I don't like carby things like that. But my Autie is such an incredible cook. She's the best. She makes me the yummiest food!:)
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Originally posted by geminigirl
No they just gross me out. It's not my type of food.

I am more of a toasted multigrain bagel kinda girl...with cheese and veggies. :)

thats because youre boring ;p

on another note, i dont enjoy the "real" hardcore maple syrup.
it tastes too dark and thick. its only good if its served hot, and only with pancakes or w/ ft - and even then bleh.
i need it watered down a bit..

ft + rb = teh maybe gross? i havent tried.

ft must use good thick white bread. and the good kind, not cheapy dempsters shit.
and 1/2 egg 1/2 milk mixture. but not supersaturated.
fried in only butter. (maybe a little oil, but only to counteract the splatter vs. burn factorage)
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Just remembered this the other day...was wondering when "Fat Tuesday" was comin' up, and it's tomorrow! YAY!

Can't wait to have pancakes and bacon for dinner...


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terrawrist III

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fuck, was hoping this was today!...fuck it, I'm still having them today, chocolate chip pancakes!!

I don't do breakfast for dinner often enough:)


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Originally posted by tobywan
Given that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, that would mean today is Shrove Tuesday (sp?), and in my family tradition, that means I have pancakes and bacon for dinner.



sounds good to me! :)