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Panasonic Wide Screen TV


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16:9 Aspect Ratio
1080i HDTV/480p EDTV Compatible
Built-in Protective Screen Shield
Fine-Pitch Lenticular Screen (.52mm)
New Centaur CRT
Digital HD Shortwing Lens System
10-Bit 60MHz A/D Conversion Image Processing
Progressive Cinema Scan (3:2 Pull-Down)
Enhanced Progressive Scan Doubler
Motion-Adaptive 3D Y/C Comb Filter
AI (Artificial Intelligence) Picture
First-Surface Glass Mirror
Digital Convergence
9 Point Dynamic Convergence
HD VMScan for HDTV Signal
Wide Band Video Amplifier
DVI Input
New 3D Menu System
2 Sets of Component Video Inputs
Multi-Format Display P-I-P (MFD)
Scalable Picture-In-Picture
BBE High-Definition Sound
15 Watts per Channel Stereo
Video Picture Memory
Video Input Skip
Lighted Home Theatre Remote

More info here

Got a new TV for X-Mas, so this must go. Only 6 months old. 1.5 years left on warranty. I can deliver within the GTA.

Asking $2000.
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the thing retails for $1699.99 USD so about $2250.

add tax and that's an extra hundred or so... warranty, free delivery.

yeah, asking $2000. that's fair IMO for a 6 month old TV.
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Re: Big Screen TV Sold?

Originally posted by Tenacious T
Say it aint so? If it is still around, I am interested.:)

Sorry. I delivered it to the guy yesterday. I can give you his address if you want to rob him!!!