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Pan/tone, Eric Downer & Adam Marshall at Terra (Footwork)


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I had a blast. The lads warmed things up nicely for Sheldon with tech-house that leaned way more towards techno. The club looked great, lighting was cool. . . the beers were flowing. . .

Sheldon knocked off a nice tight set on his laptop. He looked to be rocking the Ableton live on a PC laptop (always the rebel) with a midi keyboard triggering his loops. He played all of the recent stuff that have made him a superstar in Europe in the underground scene. It was nice to see the man again after all these years. . . he looks exactly the same. Met his German girlfriend who was very nice.

Place was packed and rocking.

Good work Terra!


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Originally posted by Adam Duke
ian - quit talking out yer bum. Sonic Foundry's Acid Pro looks nothing like Ableton.
I admit I know nothing about music production software ;)


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Heh heh.

So I'm out on my deck with a beer and I'm listening to the recording I managed to grab of Pantone last night. It is excellent!

why not

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i could have sworn that sheldon told me he was using ableton live these days.
wish i hadn't missed it.


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had a goodtime last night @Footwork, which was the first time i've been there. different kinda space a lil awkward but i like it. kinda reminds me of a bigger loftier Element..but either way a nice addition to Toronto klubs..

the crowd was good, and beats were hard. definatley good tracks being thrown down. whoever was playing after the laptop guy (Sheldon/pantone?) was dope i was likin the flow during his set but the crowd started to thin out early so son after i jetted with sore feet..




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pan/tone was unbelievably kick ass - he deserves his underground superstar status. too bad most of the great ones end up leaving Toronto! ;)

i wasn't crazy about the sound in the place - i would have preferred some more bass, but, as said, its kind of an awkward space. it was loud, but not quite as thumping as i would have liked.


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Pan/tone was amazing. What a treat, a smaller venue and a live pa. That's how I like it ! The crowd was great. Nice to see a few new faces, and great to have Sheldon back in Toronto for the weekend.


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I had loads of fun at this night. Pan/Tone kicked ass, my friends with me were converted onthe spot. And I have to say the sound was EXCELLENT this night.


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I was really impressed with Pan/Tone. Got there just before 12am and he was definitely laying down some progressive beats no doubt. There was never a dull moment in his set. Adam Marshall did an impressive job as well. It wasn't crowded shoulder to shoulder but crowded enough which made it a perfect setting. Everybody seemed to be out to bust 2 move. This was definitely an enjoyable night out. !:)


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I came, I danced, I left :)

was a good night, really enjoyed the music - left after pan/tone was done - was getting tired, wish I had the juice to of stuck around longer.

Neat space, sound could of used some tweaking though but all in all - pretty good, $5 cover and cheap drinks - damn good deal. I can see me comming here more often as a warm-up before going on to other places that run later.

good job.


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Amazing set from Pan/Tone, my 1st time seeing him and I was an instant convert! The dancefloor was packed during his set, good to see everyone giving their support. Thanks for yet another solid night Footwork, I'll be there again this weekend.... the place is becoming addictive!