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pakage sent invalid mailing adress!


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A logistical question for those familiar with overseas postage.

1. I ordered some records from overseas (juno records) I forgot to include the unit number in my complex to the mailing adress

2. they haven't come yet i've called the post office they have nothing on file and juno has basically let go of all responsability.

two possibilities
1. they haven't arrived yet and I might be able to catch them if I keep calling the postal service everday

2. they get sent back on a boat all the way back over seas.. In which case I wait most likely 6 months to get the records.

Any suggestions on the matter?

Just email them that you did not receive the records, most likely they will offer you store credits.
It happened to me once.

Or you might wanna take the chance to see if the package arrives, lucky if at your doorstep.

p/s, Lately my Juno orders have been taking 3-4 weeks to arrive, if that helps.