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paint for car interiors


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here's the situation. i gave the car a good inside clean yesterday evening. i get into it this morning and notice that it's very fragrant. i just assume it was the spray i used for the dash was heavy and with the windows up overnight had just built up.

soon i notice i had stupidly put the air freshener that attaches to the vent upside down. i grab a kleenex to wipe off the oil dripping down and discover it has eaten the colour off the vinyl! there is now a creamy coloured line coming down from the vent and to the side.

i contacted a toyota dealership today and they don't have paint for dashboards/interiors. canadian tire had some but it was in grey, black and white (who the fuck has a white interior??).

it's a purely cosmetic thing but is pissing me off. it looks like ice cream has dribbled out of the vent. it also makes me wonder about if this air freshener oil can do that to vinyl, what are we breathing in.

anyone know of specialty shops that might be able to help? it's an eyesore and I really want it dealt with. i was thinking of even hitting an art shop for something but it's hard to colour match when it's a car you are dealing with.