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Paging Rosey....Paging Rosey...


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Hey Rosey,

Did you send me an email the other day, or a private message? I got an email that I couldn't open that said it was from you....I think.

Let me know, and if you are trying to get a message to me, send it on over to chris@freethoughtproject.com



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you rang?

yeah, i private messaged you...the email was probably telling you that.....check your messages

i'll email you when i get home, i'm leaving work right now. no biggy.


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Yeah, my message didn't work. Even though it's 'no biggy', I am curious, so I look forward to the email Rosey.

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Hey Mboy...

Haven't seen you in a while. Wassup?

Were you at Bittersweet? We were doing the visuals at that one, just like the good ol' days. Remember?

Nice to hear your shouts man. Hope all is well with you, and I hope to bump into you again
in a crowded room some night.

We'll have a pint if that happens. Cheers bro.



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rosey + skip


ona side note i used to go to bible camp, and the guy that told the stories was named skip. he would draw these really pretty pastel pictures as he would draw.

can you draw pretty pastel pictures skip?
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I had a counsellor named skip when I went to bible camp too. He kinda looked like our skip.

Yeah man, we should hook it up sometime soon. I missed bittersweet 'cause i was at the collingwood cottage thing. Fun times. Must've been a blast doin the visuals at bsweet though. I'll drop you a line when i'm home from night shift tomorrow morning.

Cheers. -Duncan


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I ain't no bible thumper, although one of my best friends is now in a Korean cult.

Don't know what you talkin' 'bout, Joey.

Rosey, check yo' email.

MBoy, ain't nuttin' like a good cottage throwdown. Check ya soon bro....

PEACE all...