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PAGING CAROLINE (under18) -- sorry.


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yo c!

i got your message, but the number you left....HUH!? i tried it and it doesnt work.....get at me tonight sometime if you see this.


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whatever. that private message crap is fucking confusing, and too time consuming.

besides, this is easier.

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wow, i guess nice guys really DO finish last!

dryyy guyyy

so uhh...what the fuck happened to c-boogie?


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inside the place, with style and grace...

allow me to lace these lyrical duches in your bushes .. who rock grooves, and make moves with all the papis?

... hehee
anyways dude yea your mom was like 'are u sure the 416 doesnt go at the beginning?' im all ..."yea... im in england...." lol

i will try again soon! i miss u mi amore :p