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Paging aphrodite...what's happening at VIVA this friday


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do any of you know if the club is only open on special occasions or if they actually have a regular night or if they went out of business after that cosmic gate show? It's weird that a nightclubs' website wouldn't be updated in nearly a month.


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hey dude.. sorry didn't see this. you should have pmed me.

it's still in business! every friday the night starts out with rotating residnents Chiclet or Key(4hrs).. they are then followed by Mark Oliver(4hrs). it's open from 11 - 7am. get's full around 1, stays packed till the end.

and then there's special events.. when all the residents play along with the headliners

next week July 7, it'll be Chiclet and Mark Oliver. expect to hear anything from progressive house to hard trance..

pm me for list :)