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Packing stuff up for the move


Staff member
Like many of us, we just put stuff in our basements and it accumulates over time (also literally).

I am getting ready to move so I've had to attack the stuff. I am making headway, slowly.

So far I've found a lot of old record bags; some very snazzy ones! Also a small bag of brand new tribe t-shirts from the 90's.

Lots of promo CDs. Lots. DAT machines. RAM that cost me $500 a stick that is worthless today.

VHS Hi Fi, Betamax machine. SCSI cables with 6 inch wide connectors...

Empty boxes, lots of boxes from electronics. Why do I even keep those.
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haha good luck! We moved after 7 years in the same place last year - tons of shit to go through!
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