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Pacific Mall gets raided


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York police raid Pacific Mall in search of counterfeit goods
U.S. report had blasted local police for allowing sale of imitation goods to flourish with ‘impunity’
CBC News · Posted: Jun 27, 2018 1:57 PM ET | Last Updated: 35 minutes ago

York Regional Police are searching Pacific Mall for counterfeit goods on Wednesday afternoon. (York Regional Police)

York Regional Police are executing search warrants throughout Markham's Pacific Mall in an effort to crack down on counterfeit goods.

Photos posted on Twitter on Wednesday show officers patrolling the hallways and looking through racks of clothing.

The afternoon sweep follows a U.S. government report that found the mall is among the most notorious sources of pirated and counterfeit goods in the world.

That government report also criticized local police, stating the mall's "sprawling and pervasive" counterfeit sales appear to operate with impunity.

"Requests for assistance from local law enforcement have reportedly gone unanswered," the report from the U.S. Office of the Trade Representative stated.

In the wake of the report, the predominantly Chinese-Canadian shopping center's management also vowed to crack down. In February, the mall posted written advisories and warnings to store owners and tenants who may be involved in the sale of counterfeit goods, while also launching a website where shoppers can report imitation goods.

York police are set to hold an afternoon news conference on the investigation.

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Stop Bill C-10


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MUCH more frequent than that. An inconsequential illusion of concern, nonetheless. The government approach is ALWAYS about optics, be it contraband knock-offs or marijuana dispensaries. They regularly pop in and raid them, to zero effect. ...and anyone who’s ever ordered anything from dhgate and the like knows that customs turn a blind eye and Canada Post deliver such contraband right to your door. Daily. Free fucking shipping and tracking.