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ownage class now in session

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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LOL, it's one thing to steal the pics... but I can't believe they actually used them directly from your webserver... goofs...


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I did the same thing to pr0nstar when he posted the striptease thread and used pix without permission
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Fuck that was too funny!!!

I thought it was amusing that everyone used your pics as avatars on the GU board but didn't think that you were hosting them yourself. Nice :)


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Originally posted by Mr_Furious
LOLOL that's hilarious!!! :D

Poker Face stole it and used it on the Audio Board

I would replace it with someone poker face probably wouldn't want as his avatar but as I've put up those pictures recently any of the posts I've made with it would have it too, but atleast poker face gave credit despite stealing bandwidth
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The thread which crowned King Geek!

*places crown of thorns upon deep's neatly coiffed hair*

poker face

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that is funny shit!

I changed it when I saw the red x but I almost want to go back because of that wicked self portrait of myself!
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