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Own an AT-ST and blast away Jawas and Ewoks

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Aerius Zension

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My buddies got a lifesize R2-D2 cooler. It's quite awesome.

When I was in Florida over the summer, I saw a latex replica of Yoda with a real lightsaber (the kind you see at Silver Snail). It was $499 American.

If this one is similar, it is a steal for the price.
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Dr Funk MD

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I'd like to find a way to mount this on top of a Harley and zoom around town on it.



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This is one of the kind, hand made half 1:2 scale replica. It took a master model maker 12 months to build !!! This is a labor of love. 12 months of painstaking work. Build to the best specifications and 3D models available. This is for a serious collector ONLY.

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Every once in a while I search E-Bay to find an actual movie-used prop, but they are damned near impossible to find. No one wants to give them up. Only the replicas are in full abundance.

Cheers ... Ian :)
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