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Overnight Parking at Bloor and Walmer rd area


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Does anyone know if you can park overnight in the parking garage below 7 Walmer rd. at the Bloor & Spadina subway station? and how much?

I am coming up to toronto on Saturday and will be leaving my car overnight. Does anyone know of any other lots or garages in the Bloor and Walmer rd. area I can park it over night for a resonable price.

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there's a green P lot just south of Bloor between Howland and Major... about 3 blocks West of Walmer
also, if it's overnight from a saturday-sunday parking is free at the meters on the street (you can use spadina or bloor) until 1PM on sundays so you could just park your car on the street and feed the meter after 1PM on sunday


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Is there a limit to how long I can park at the meter spots?
Would I have to move my car every couple of hours?
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