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Outsiders from modern society - uncontacted tribes


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Apparently there's quite a few out there, mainly in South America and Southeast Asia. Some of them are violent (e.g. will kill you) but I'm wondering why "uncontacted" is the way it is. Are these tribes avoiding contact or do people think it's a better idea to leaves these people without modern medicine and education? also of course democracy and the chance to join the rest of the world in the economic order. pretty sure none of them have oil or a gold mine.

New photos of uncontacted Brazilian tribe mark first sighting in over a year
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Contact comes at risk of the tribes contracting a substantial list of our illnesses. I know the Indian government have restricted any contact with the North Sentinel tribe for these reasons. I also don't buy into the idea that we need to democratize or 'civilize' these groups. They're fit to run their own communities and should be left to do so. We should just accept and respect that some people are fine with the hunter-gatherer life.