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Outlook Webmail Question

The Kid

TRIBE Member
Hey y'all... am working from home for the month and so have a quick question regarding outlook.

We use godaddy for webmail and my work box is an iMac running Outlook. I use a PC at home, and have Outlook installed. If I set up my work email acount (godaddy webmail) will it mirror or sync with my work computer?

I have a ton of emails I would like to sort in folders, etc. so I'm wondering if I do all that on my home pc outlook will those changes also take place when I log into my work computer a month from now...

Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.
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webmail is web-based, any changes made in webmail will appear on your work mail and vice versa. you may have some issues setting it up on your PC if there is built in security, given that it's godaddy you'll probably be alright.

But the entire point of webmail is so you can use your email while mobile so I don't really see the benefit of setting your email up on a second computer when you already have access, unless its that you prefer viewing in outlook on your PC

Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
I agree with Kyfe, but I also understand with lack of features in OWA (depending on implementation).

Try a different browser if you think OWA is not performing the way it should... if that is the reason for the double client.

If you do go double client, make sure you know the difference between POP and IMAP. If you pop something to one client, it will not be available in ther other client.

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The Kid

TRIBE Member
Thanks guys, that helped, I've experimented a little bit and changes seem to work both ways.

And yes, really it's just easier to view in Outlook and prefer the functionality.

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