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Outlook gone mad

Dirt Dawg

TRIBE Member
I had to rescue all my email, contacts and folder dir from my C: drive, as it wouldn't boot ( C: drive dead? thread) I wasn't able to do a proper export as you would normaly get to do as a result.

After copying them back into my fresh install, My rules don't work... It sees the rule but can't move it into the folder.

Also, all my contats are there, yet it doesn't see any of the email addresses in the address book, so I have to copy and pate out of the contacts

I hope someone can provide me with an answer... I'm going nuts as I spend all day working with outlook.

Dirt Dawg

TRIBE Member
no one got any advice? I know we got so many IT ppl out there...

I could use some help, as I can't figure it out.


TRIBE Member
Microsoft uses a proprietary mailbox format, which is the bane of many people's existence (including yours).

Two things could be happening here.

1. Permissions on your folders are fuckered, granted because you changed systems I would *assume* that permissions are not the same for you .. that is if permissions were turned on, etc. etc. I can't even qualify this, but I would hazard a guess that something akin to this is happening. Unless you know something about this already, I would suggest renaming your old folders, making new folders and modifying the rules as such.

2. I had the contacts problem happen before. I remember fixing it by downloading some freeware tool to export my outlook mailbox to some format, then reimporting it again. Wish I could be more help there, truth be told get the hell off of outlook, proprietary mailbox formats suck.