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Outkast's indian performance during the grammys


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It Was OutRageous

By Jade-Heather Lepotokisi

MISSOULA, Mont.—There were some pretty good performances at the Grammys until OutKast finished the night with “Hey Ya!,” one of their hit singles.

The performance started out with singer Andre 3000 and his back-up dancers coming out of a tepee.

They were dressed up in green buckskin outfits. As they ran around the stage, the backup dancers hit their mouths, as if they were trying to imitate Native Americans.

Andre 3000 wore buckskin and a headband, too, and a turntable disk jockey had on a war bonnet. The performance came complete with toy soldiers from a college marching band.

As I watched the performance, I said aloud to myself, “Are you kidding me.”

I was very shocked that a group I loved for so long would even think of doing something like this.

The performance was extremely offensive and somewhat degrading. I cursed and yelled at the television set as my husband laughed and asked me repeatedly what was wrong.

My husband is from Africa, and I’m a Native American.

“What’s wrong?” I yelled. “I don’t think you would like it if some friends and I dressed up like African warriors and danced around trying to imitate your people.”

He said I had a point and that he would probably be really mad.

I was so disappointed in Outkast’s performance, and I was upset that the Grammys would even allow something like that to be displayed on television.

What is the world coming down to if we Native Americans can’t even keep our traditional ways of living sacred?

We don’t go around trying to mock or imitate any other race, so why do we have to be ridiculed?

OutKast wins worst performance of the year from me.


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that muther fucker

what would of happened had me and some of my fellow natives went out there and did a big joke of Zula culture and had us all coming out in big afros or something.

or what if it was jewish culture and we all came out wearing those little hats or those big ones and the long curly hair things.

There would be an outrage

Just wait north america the aboriginal population currently has the highest rate of natural increase in canada.
In south africa in the middle 1800s black south africans were actually a minority and a substianal one at that. In 200 years with a high birth rate and decliining death rate thier population soared to become the majority race in the country.

When this happens happens we will see some serious change

if not before

untill then we will wait and plot



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Re: haha

Originally posted by sheik rock
This is hilarious. Was anyone in the general native population offended by this?
what do you mean by hilarious might i ask?

I think there was a substianial amount of offense incurred by such actions.

I have only become aware of this act as of late as i have been to busy with my academics.

Shit i guess i hit the post button twice and didint notice
oh well

sheik rock

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I wasn't trying to be controversial, but while watching the performance I didn't see anything that was in bad taste and only realized that people were pissed when I read an article in eye or now. Watching the performance with no preconceptions it really didnt seem offensive. Although Im not native so ........I guess Im not as sensitive to it as I could be.
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:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

this planet went into the shitter when they cancelled "politically incorrect" for being, well, politically incorrect.....

first trailer park that opens on the moon, i'm there.....:cool:
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I have to admit, when I saw the first few seconds of the performance (before the lights came on and all you could see were the teepee and the outline of people on stage) I was like "OMG... I can't believe someone is doing this... this is so wrong" You don't have to be Native Canadian / American to see what was wrong with the performance.

I love Outkast and I thought the performance was "entertaining", however, I also thought that it crossed a line.


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Originally posted by ^NuERA^
"Indian" is not considered an offensive term as it is still used in Canadian legislation.

and we all know the gov't NEVER uses offensive languange ....

but before we get all hater-nation on Andre, i'd
like to know what his INTENTIONS were... part
and parcel of the PC movement was that it made
us too lazy to investigate -- or even concern
ourselves with -- the intention of the offending party.

Evil Dynovac

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It's kind of funny really. Outkast is getting slammed for ridiculing native culture because they danced around in warbonnets on a stage but the gluesniffing aboriginals that sleep on Queen St. all day aren't representing their race or culture in the slightest. They're just down on their luck individuals.


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Originally posted by deep
and why is it your thread title says "indian"
Only swilly knows for sure, but I can hazard a guess. It might be an example of a group incorporating a traditionally offensive term into their general vocabulary in order to reduce its power as an epithet. e.g. GBLT community's reclaiming of "queer."
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Littlest Hobo

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If Aboriginals can co-opt Whitey's sacred ancient rituals of craps and blackjack, then Outkast can do what they did. Natives got bigger fish to fry then complaining about Outkast.


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i just don't understand the point behind this theme for their performance.

does "hey ya" have anything to do with indians? are any members of the band indians? did this happen to fall on some indian holy day? am i missing something here, or was this "theme" completely arbitrary. and if it was...why was it chosen? what was the point?

Evil Dynovac

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A fucking pop band plays dress up on stage and I am told that this degrades native culture. Do you know why I can't stand this? Because it assumes that I am a total fucking idiot.

I am no expert on Native American studies, but I am aware of their history and culture. I have read the odd book, like "My Road to the Sundance" by Manny Twofeathers, and I have watched numerous documentaries and movies that explore the Native American situation. I have done these things, but when a performer jumps out of a teepee at a bloody awards ceremony I must be reminded by the politically correct that this performance in no way accurately depicts Native American culture. Well fucking duh!
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Mike Richards

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Originally posted by deep
and why is it your thread title says "indian"
Yeah I wonder about that too.

Natives are only Indians because stupid Columbus thought he was in India

...and why when I ask people what their back grounds do they tell me stupid things like "part Italian- part Jewish"?
Jewish is not a nationality.

"yeah I'm part Canadian-part Catholic"

Evil Dynovac

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Originally posted by Booty Bits
dynovac, your post had neither logic nor merit within it.
Consider, Outkast has the power to misrepresent an entire culture with a choice of wardrobe, meanwhile we are told that the Native American homeless in our city do not represent their own culture and to think so is racist.


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Originally posted by Evil Dynovac
Consider, Outkast has the power to misrepresent an entire culture with a choice of wardrobe, meanwhile we are told that the Native American homeless in our city do not represent their own culture and to think so is racist.

What the crap are you talking about?
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