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Outdoors Sporting Goods Stores?


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Besides Bass Pro, and Al Flaherty's.

Are there any others you know of in the GTA? Google isn't giving me easy results.

I have to get some effing skeet shooting jacket and it's meant to be by the brand Beretta (like the gun I can only presume). Bass Pro and Al's doesn't carry.

Naturally I've waited until the very last minute so I call on you kind people to help me out.

thank you


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but I get the sneeking hunch that Mountain Equip. Coo won't carry hunting gear! Europe bound might? What about some of the army surplus type stores? There are some on yonge street...
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ya, I have heard of the internet :) But I'm a loser who waited til the last possible minute and am concerned it wouldn't arrive in time.

thanks for the suggestions anyway!


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i don't know about the specific jacket you're looking for, but if you're in a pinch, canadian tire carries hunting garb.


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army surplus store in kensington? you can ask about the skeet shooting jacket, but the guy gets super annoyed if you ask him too many times if they sell guns in there. so yeah, it's a fun bonus about going to that store!

woah that was my 400th post!!!
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