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Outdoor Music Festivals


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Many love them, many hate them and after every single one of them there is a huge debate whether the quality of music and people outwheighed the overfilled toilets...

...I personally love them and have been to many of them...

What is your best memory or worst memory?
What was the best festival in your opinion?
What would you like to see in the future festivals?
Do you think that a crossover of genres would be beneficial for Canadian music scene as it is in Britain (Eg. Glastonburry)?

Please by no way limit yourself to OM, WEMF, DEMF, Quebec festivals, but maybe you have been to Lollapalooza (yes this thread is inspired by Tool thread), Edenfest, Edgefests, etc...

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Geez, I have been to so many, I don't know where to start....
I was at Edenfest
Loloapalooza(with BBoys)
3 Another Roadside Attractions
WEMF the last 3 years
ahhh, prolly been to some other smaller ones, a while ago....

Best one?...I'll not count the WEMF's.....I'll have to say Edenfest, but because I hooked up with one of the beer tent girls and got free beer and a trailer to stay in and sex.
Best Memory was watching the on fire tractor tires tumbling down the hillside! and Circus Johnathon, the juggling clown!
From The roadside attraction, the DEF best memory was the river, and Paul Paul he eats it all. We were smoking some MAD weed and drinking while in our chaise lounges in the nearby river on a HOT day and we got this guy paul to eat Fish, crayfish, foam out of chairs, plants....whatever...fun times......or burying our passed out friend under 57 sleeping bags when it was 33 degrees out. It was always fun getting there, taking my buddies pickup and he had one of those black plastic boxes on the back of his pickup filled with 8 cases of beer or so, and us riding in the back of the pickup all the way to the Markham fairgrounds...ahhh to be 18 again....

It really pisses me off that we could bring as much beer as we wanted, and now you cant even get a beer tent at WEMF....total shit......

More later, must watch Leafs.....GO LEAFS GO!


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With the fact that I could never get time off work for music festivals out of town for the past two summers, I went to the only one that somehow fit around my schedule, NXNE. 30 or so clubs, 3 nights, 5 or 6 bands a night, a copy of NOW, a good ol' TTC Day Pass, ridiculous amount of good music. Requires intense scheduling beforehand with friends, because trying to figure out where you want to go at the last minute is not fun.

All genres. Acoustic, hip hop, funk, electronic, cool bands with accordians in them, everything. Regardless of the fact that I slept on average 3-4 hours a night during the whole thing, I still had the best damn time.

Whee! First weekend in June I think.

[Oh, it said 'outdoor'. Oops :) ]


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of the few that i've been to, i'd pick lolla '94 as my favourite. beastie boys, smashing pumpkins, L7, nick cave and the bad seeds, luscious jackson, etc etc etc. made for a good day in barrie, despite the rain.

still haven't made it to a WEMF, probably never will. OM looks like a definite maybe this year, as does DEMF. we shall see...


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all i know is that wemp 98 at christian island was one of the best parties i have ever been to. the weather, the venue, the people, the music, everything was perfect.
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Best memories

- Lollapaloozas with my high school friends...we were a tight bunch (and I was often the only girl :D)
- Doomsday in Germany, for the Skinny Puppy reunion. Not only was it a spectacular show, but the people there were gorgeous,I saw and talked to other bands I like (And One, Covenant) and after SP were done, the skies opened up and it just poured. Like some kind of omen. And we drove there and back on the Autobahn. *fear* And it was fucking Germany!!

Worse memory

- WEMF 2001. I don't even wanna start, but that was the most miserable, fucked-up experience.

- Ozzfest 2001...the bands were enjoyable but it was just the hottest, most humid day of the summer and spending it in a parking lot is not fun!!

Best festival

- Doomsday 2000, because of all the bands I liked, and it was a chance to finally see SP...though other years have not been so appealing to me. I still want to hit more European goth/industrial/synthpop festivals while I'm young, like Maschinefest and Wave Gothik Treffen.

- Lollapaloozas, of course....especially 1992 (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Chili Peppers, Ministry) and the year Hole played (1995, I think). I think it really set the standard of a touring festival with multiple stages, a "vendor's village" etc. I know it's not happening this year but might be coming back next year.

- Area: One I would have enjoyed more if it had been set up better. I like the idea of rock, rap and dance music in one place. I want to see Bowie this year but I'm waiting to see what the rest of the line-up is like. And if it'll be at the Docks, because that place just did not work.

Didn't go to Edenfest, have been to Warped...it was alright, but I wouldn't go back. However I do admire the Warped people for trying to keep tickets affordable.

Future festivals...I'd like to see:

- Eclectic line-ups, and I don't mean Limp Bizkit and Eminem or something...Area: Two is headed in the right direction, I think.

- a 3-day festival a la Reading/Glastonbury/Leeds (also dreams of mine to attend)

- Lilith Fair was not my thing musically, but I liked the idea...I would love to attend the Ladyfests in the U.S. So I'd like to see a return of a female-oriented festival but with more of the kind of stuff -I- like. ;)

Crossover of genres:

- I'd like to see it, I think it can work, and has worked in the case of Area: One. A Canadian equivalent would be awesome...all I know about right now is Edgefest, and IIRC, it's very "rawk."



I think any outdoor festival with this line up looks SWEET!!!

Basement Jaxx
Roger Sanchez
Soft Cell
Beta Band
Stanton Warriors
Jon Carter
Plump DJ's
Ali B
Rob Da Bank
Pete Tong
Seb Fontaine
Lucien Foort
Judge Jules
Ferry Corsten
Armin Van Buuren
John Kelly
Lisa Lashes
John '00' Fleming
Corvin Dalek
Scot Project
Tim Lyall
Dave Lea
Jeff Mills
Laurent Garnier
Richie Hawtin
Mr C
Hernan Cattaneo
DJ Anderson Noise (Brasil)
Graeme Park
Paul Taylor
Alison Limerick (Live PA)
Shades Of Rhythm (Live PA)
Neil Metzner
Jason Vereker
Nick Hussey
Danny Whitehead
Sasha & John Digweed (3 hour set)
Layo & Bushwacka! (Live)
Steve Lawler
Rui Da Silva
Sander Kleinenberg
Nick Warren
Lee Burridge
Craig Richards
Saeed & Palash
James Zabiela
Robbie Butler
Jan Carbon
Roots Manuva
Roni Size
LTJ Bukem
DJ Marky (Brasil)
Uncut (Live)
Bryan Gee
Andy C
DJ Patife (Brasil)
Lemon D
Future Cut
Ruff Stuff
Dynamite MC
MC Conrad
MC Shabba D
MC Darrison
Stamina MC
Erick Morillo
Darren Emerson
X-Press 2 (6 Decks)
Danny Rampling
10,000 BC (Yousef & Paul Woolford)
Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero
Tim Deluxe
Ralph Lawson
FC Kahuna
Zero 7
Kruder & Dorfmeister
Gilles Peterson
Gotan Project
Anti Pop Consortium
Cinematic Orchestra
Benjy B
Carl Cox
Seb Fontaine
Judge Jules
Dave Pearce
Jon Cutler
Matthias Heilbronn
Phil Asher
Stuart Patterson
Kenny Hawkes
Matt Casseli
Rob Da Bank
Rob Wood
Benjy B
Basil Black II Basic

Go team Homelands!!


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Worse memory

- WEMF 2001. I don't even wanna start, but that was the most miserable, fucked-up experience.

i'd have to agree. I wouldn't even know where to start in explaining the ways in which that party went way wrong for me. Worst party EVAR.


Originally posted by seeker
of the few that i've been to, i'd pick lolla '94 as my favourite. beastie boys, smashing pumpkins, L7, nick cave and the bad seeds, luscious jackson, etc etc etc. made for a good day in barrie, despite the rain.

That was a great day for me too. Haha, Luscious Jackson on the second stage was the first time I crowd surfed. hoooboy. The Boredoms were particularly awesome. Was Beck that year? I think Pavement played '94. They became one of my favorite bands through the 90s after that show.

I also dropped acid that day. Do you remember after L7 played, people were throwing mud in the air and such? Well, I looked up at one point, and a thing of mud landed right into my eye, while it was open, while I was on acid. It stung like you don't even know. I took off my bandana and wiped the gravel out of my eyeball, as my friends lead me out of the frenzy of the lower crowd. Ah, being 18 was so damn carefree.
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been to 5 wemfs.
my favorite would have to be the second one(then known as the world trance festival). It rained all weekend and there was mud everywhere but it fucking rocked.

I went to Area: One in Detroit last year. That was pretty good. 25,000+ people all there to have a good time. I got free passes to thanks to a certain smelly retardo.


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Best outdoor fest?

For me that would have to be LifeFest in Windsor, basically 27 hours awake, the party started late and the drive back was cracky but oh boy what fun :) It was baking hot, and it was raining and sooo much fun!

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