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Outcast 808


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Just got this promo yesterday. Not sure who is behind it, but i am definitely feeling it. Will be rinsing it tonight on a HUGE system!


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The Operator

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I heard this promo yesterday... wasn't overly impressed. Production quality isn't bad, but the samples weren't very impressive, and I didn't think that the track itself has as much bump as the original.

But that's just my opinion.


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Nice 1!

Oh whats this..... Lifeforce .... 808.... Outkast....

Yep this little chunk of pure booty goodness is out of Canada and by some unknown (for now at least :D ) artists by the name of Lifeforce.

The boot is of Big Boi's "The Way You Move".... it's a phat one!

Can be purchased at www.releaserecords.com now!

Look for somemore boots coming from this unknown label and artists ... hehehehe!

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docta seuss

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interesting rerub for sure, but the beat is none too impressive... me likes the geeetar muchly though.

all in all it gets a big 'meh' from me. it has great potential methinks, but definitely needed more producin' before being pressed. sounds like a premature release to i.


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So i've played this a few times now, and i think it's most useful when playing right after someone who has played a house set. It's definitely not a peak time track; it's either a track for early in the night, or really early in the morning - 4am bizness.

overall, i thought the production was good, maybe could have used a little more high end. but i think it's a good track, not much going on - it's just a simple/clean beat with a nice little vocal.

but i must say, the ladies definitely start moving when i have played it.

keep at it dude!


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I find this track is great!!! quite simple really leaving room to drop a bigger bassline on top. Ive had it married to stanton warriors she not in and it sounds bomb.
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