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Out Of Hand & BackBreakers @ Fever Dec.21st


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Sums it up good, Nuff said.

Thanx to all who came out aswell as all the BackBreakers boys and Out Of Hand Kru.

I had a wikkid time and it was a pleasure to spin on such a slammin nite!


ps. Shouts to "Used Clothing" for providing the SLICK T-shirts.


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Word the fuck up Jonny Funk.
Had a pretty good time. The breaks rooms was bumpin' from the moment I got there. Chu threw down a decent set, and dropped some nice acid breaks at the end of his set.
Sucks that the house room was relatively empty (where the funk was everyone?) And where was Myka?
For the short time Stretch & Hooker were on, they played a solid set. Had me pumpin' my fist.

Overall a fun night. Word to Jonny, Mel, Jamie, and all the people I haven't seen in awhile. And thanks to S+H for the CD.

Big League Chu

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The breaks room was jammed!!!!
Too bad we could'nt get a funnel to send some of them into the house room. Some nice beats were being thrown down in there.
Hamilton = good times


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Had a blast, congrads Chris @ Out of Hand. I can't believe that was the same freakin bar... what a nice difference. Colin, solid set. Stormy, beers next time. Jen (Breakzbtch) happy birthday once again
It was a pleasure meeting you
Well, I move back to London on Friday so that was it in the Hammer for a while. 'Twas truly a wicked night of breaks. As for Myka, he was on when I arrived around 11:30 it was too bad there was hardly anyone there to hear him. I'm sure he will get over it though.


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Great night, the breaks room was bumping, big up to the Backbreakers and Out of Hand Kru...wicked stuff...i had a great time playing and thank you for everybody that came out..........

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HOLY CRAP!!! I had tons of fun and enjoyed seeing the breakz room so packed with such wikkid people! The vibe was off the hook and all the dj's were throwin down some kick ass beats! Chu's set was AMAZING and he kept me, along with every one else dancing the whole time!!!
Now I just have one question for Out of Hand and BackBreakers: When are you going to throw an awesome party like this again???? This is a night that no one should miss



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Nice to hit up the west end before Xmas and see the whole crew in smiles !
Got there about 2:20 ( a little late )
break's room was packed and bump'n ,
house room was a good 40 people strong rockin out to Ruby Jay . Had to end our set a little shy of the expected time due to a very stern security guard . Had a great time and look forward to hittin the west end up again in the new year!
Great work guys ,
Keep tha fUnK alive !!!
Merry Xmas
p.s. - steel city bitch's still got their shit together !!! Bam !!


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what a nite....
Funk N' Style a kickin set.. along wit
Tech-Tonique... Tilly Lilly - rollercoaster.
thanks for playin that track man.. one of my all time favourites....
Stretch and Hooker.. nice too meet you.. all respect to you guys .. one of my favs...
lookin on seein you in hamilton more often ..
Last nite was born again and hopein things will progress and grow bigger like old times..



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Friday night was sooo good!! I can't believe how much fun I had. The breakz room was packed as always, and Tommy and Jonny started the night off wikkid!! Last 2 tracks Jonny- Wikkid!! Get me dancing all the time.

Chu and saddler got the crowd so hyped and had everybody dancing!! U guyz never disappoint!! Fun times dancing until the end-like always!! Wikkid job Out of Hand and Back Breakers!! When's the nezt party??

Lotza T.O cru partying it up in the Hami-town. Too much fun!! I can't stop thinking about it.

Until next timr............

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by breakz_btch:
Oh yes, I almost forgot, JEMZ nice meeting u and thanx for the beer!!


Aww shucks, thanks :)