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Out Now! Yugen Vol.2 compiled by Rigel


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Yugen is a profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words...
Music binds us in a way that language rarely does as RIGEL unveils the mystery of his latest VA Compilation
Yugen Vol. 2, for your auditory senses, from Metabolizm Records.

Yugen Vol. 2 is a new chapter of psychedelia for your enlightened ears orchestrated by Rigel with luminary names
including Manmademan, Ovnimoon, RIGEL, Synkronic, Technology and Teorema, and rising names such as Aster, cxp7,
Freaktor, Proagressivo, Teramoon and Zumerium.

Yugen Vol.2 concludes and winds you down with a soul drenching downtempo infusion from Chilean producer Barby.

Listen & Buy: Bandcamp | Beatport | PsyShop

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