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OUT NOW: Rita Raga - All I Know


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“All I Know” is the latest EP release from Polish artist, singer and producer, Rita Raga.

“All I Know” is an EP packed with three infusions of audio bliss as its original mix;
psygressive mix and intro mix take over your audio sensory calming your mind with mystical
atmospheres and metaphysical lyrics, subtle ethnic and psychedelic inspirations, intimate
and divine vocals accompanied by electric guitar.

Inspired by Rita Raga’s reflections on our place within the Universe and the duality of
human nature – the contradictions which may confuse us, yet they define us.

Buy | Listen @ Bandcamp: Click Here

Buy | Listen @ Beatport: Click Here

Rita Raga Social Media & Links:
Facebook: Click Here
Soundcloud: Click Here
Mixcloud: Click Here
Youtube: Click Here
Bandcamp: Click Here
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