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Out Now! Barby - Spectre [Ovnimoon Records]


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Release Date: 2021-08-27
Label: Ovnimoon Records
Catalog: OVNILP946

Spectre is the long awaited 3rd album release from Chilean psytrance producer Barby, out now on Ovnimoon Records!

is the psytrance & chillout project sculptured and launched in 1999 by one of the first Chilean trance musicians, Ignacio Barbagelata.
His unique style of music combines goa-trance and dark-progressive, with sci-fi landscapes and atmospheres. He has played at many parties and
festivals in Chile over the years.

Album Track List:

01: Spectre
02: Ancient Gods
03: Spirit World
04: Navigator
05: Nautilus
06: Brain Receiver
07: Native Dream
08: State Of Trance
09: Blacklight

Listen & Buy From: Bandcamp | Beatport | PsyShop | Junodownload | Spotify | Itunes | Amazon

Enjoy the music!
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