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Ottawa, Toronto, St. Catharines, Toronto - Community Based Rights Advisors


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closing date is tomorrow.


Ministry: Health & Long-Term Care

Length of Assigment: six-month on-call temporary assignments with possible extension

Salary: $21 - $24 hourly

Location: Ottawa (one bilingual position), Toronto (six unilingual positions)—File HLC36-06; St. Catharines (one unilingual position), Niagara peninsula (two unilingual positions)—File HLC37-06; all with some travel.

Status: Open

Description: The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care's Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office seeks motivated individuals to work on an on-call basis (between 0 to 10 hours per week). You will: provide rights advice services to patients, substitute decision makers as required under the Mental Health Act/regulations, including advising patients, substitute decision makers of their rights/options; upon request, help patients apply to the Consent and Capacity Board, retain a lawyer, apply for legal aid.

Qualifications: ability to work with persons with mental illness; understanding of mental illness; familiarity with Ontario's mental health services; knowledge of mental health legislation related to rights advice delivery; excellent communication, problem solving skills; diplomacy; ability to deal with confidential information, work independently; computer skills; ability to travel. Successful applicants must complete training course for rights advisers under the Mental Health Act. Bilingual position requires proficiency in English and French.

Apply by March 3, 2006 to File: HLC36-06, 37-06 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Human Resources Branch, Client Services, 5700 Yonge St., 2nd Fl., Toronto, ON M2M 4K5 (or) Fax: 416-326 4107 (or) E mail: hropenresumes@moh.gov.on.ca (MS Word). Only applicants selected for interview will be contacted. Please indicate position preferred.
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