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Ottawa party people

Tricky kid

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who are the promoters in town????
what companies throw parties???
what parties are coming up??
what djs are spinning?

what is going on????????


jay dee

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I know a little bit about the Ottawa scene.
I don't live in Ottawa anymore but I lived there for a few years for school and still make it up there a few times a year so I try to keep up with what's happening there.

In terms of DJs I can tell you that DJ Hayes is good. Check him out on the radio on the Ottawa U station. I think his show used to be Wednesday nights but I'm not sure when it is now. Also Dave Florida is pretty good. He had a residency at Atomic Saturday nights before it closed down.

360 is OK as well. I believe he is affiliated with Full Force productions who were hosting a sunday night at the Well (I'm not sure if that is happening anymore though).

Pedro is also pretty good...


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it's spelled Haze btw...hahahha

yeah, definitely check out www.techno.xvi.com
you'll find everything you need to know



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ottawa is a fun place to visit and party cuz it's close to montreal and all these crazy bilingual kids are there hehe

i've played for Future Wicked City productions before, but they could be broken up for now i'm not sure. it is headed by MC Shrapnel (Sanders). I've also gone over there to play for Speaker Phreaker and S4's crew Eclipse. they also run things there. Panda (who works at Mothership) is from Ottawa too, and she'd know everyone there (Rayaz, Jeff Hill, 360, Haze (she used to play on his radio show at the university - i think it was called Futurestep?). and i know this crazy kid from the O-town, named Kat - she designs Biokat clothing that you can find in the shops on Queen Street (her pants are wicked!)- she also knows all the haps there. if you really want detailed info on Ottawa, e-mail me and i can help you out!