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OTIS - Cult Yourself - [DNB]


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OTIS - Cult Yourself

Ror-Shak - A Forest
Drifter - Close To Me (Matrix Remix)
Skc and Bratwa - Heart Of Love
Nu:Tone - Seven Years (Matrix Remix)
High Contrast - Racing Green
Stare - Strings Attached (VIP Mix)
Logistics - The Trip
Soulproof - One In A Million
Die And Clipz - Good Old Days
Total Science - Badger Eyes
Juju - Never Ever
TeeBee - Liquid Light
Klute - Learning Curve
OTIS - Tramma
Shimon & Sparfunk (feat. Kimani) - Cold Killa (Subfocus Remix)

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i didnt really like the last track

but overall it had my head bopping. and i dont like dnb



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ahahahahahaha... at joey... oh nos!1 he don't like the best tune of the set! (tm)

the mixin' is stupid smooth on this, and with vocally stuff it ain't exactly the easiest to put together like that. cold killa!
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Matt Carl

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can you play that last track??!

i am sure it's not even out yet!

infact, i am sure with the amount of copies on soulseek, it won't be coming out...

mwahaahaha, glad i got mine
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I haven't really listened to D&B and breaks for a long time. Now that I'm finaly starting to dowload these mixes...man...I totally have a whole new
respect and love for this musix.



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Thanks for the positive replies guys. A whole new month, a whole new whackload of bandwidth.

Has anyone used the cue sheet yet to burn a CD? Let me know if it works/is accurate. Haven't gotten around to it yet.


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Thanks guys..

I wanna make use of the monthly bandwidth allocation I have left. So grab away guys. BUMP.
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