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Osheaga Music Festival - Montreal

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by mushroom, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. mushroom

    mushroom TRIBE Member


    Went down to Montreal for the Osheaga festival this past weekend. Fucking stellar performances both days!

    Highlights for me were:
    - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Alex Ebert is fucking stellar as a frontman, really had the crowd into it.

    - Arcade Fire. another brilliant performance. They were the last band to play on Saturday and their vibe prompted several dance parties to pop up in the crowd.

    - Major Lazer. Diplo and Switch had the crowd fucking fired up. The Piknic Electronik area was never more packed than it was for these guys. Awesome time, just a real fun vibe.

    - Owen Pallett. This guy is remarkable how he creates these beautiful melodies using a loop pedal.

    - Snoop Dogg!! Wicked performance. Never smelled so much weed in my life.

    - Metric & Stars. Great performances from both even though Stars were having some mic problems.

    - Robyn. Played only new stuff including the tracks she had collaborated with Royksopp and Kleerup.

    - Round Table Knights. Real nice, dark, deep and bouncy sound. A good way close out the Piknic area.

    - Fran Healey. Another fine performance from the Travis frontman. Very relaxed. Played a solo acoustic set and conversed with the crowd a lot.

    - Devo. Had to check them out. Pretty cool to see them live and performing some of their classics. Although they have not aged as gracefully as some other 80's electro bands (Depeche Mode, New Order).

    Overall, a fantastic weekend. Had a blast and saw a lot of great bands. Pretty cool setup over at Parc Jean Drapeau. They definitely do some things better over in Montreal and this was one of them. Beer and concession prices were definitely better than if this had happened here in TO.

    Now I need a week to recover!
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  2. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    possibly the best festival i've ever been to... period! perfect weather, two main stages set-up side by side to avoid any gaps between bands/artists, free public transit with your festival ticket, amazing food options, no line-ups for beer, beer tickets, the beer gardens... you get the point. shooter girls walking around with bottles of jager and vodka, dudes carrying trays of beer... why can't this happen in toronto? why must we drink behind a fenced-off area? why must we wait in long-ass lines to get anything? montreal really knows how the throw a festival, and the city and province totally supports what osheaga does. now to the music:


    got there just in time to hear beach house and their gorgeous dream pop over on one of the small stages. perfect segue for what was coming up next over on the main stages. pavement were good, though i only caught the tail end of their set. the national were awesome, though a bit more subdued then their gig at massey hall. ARCADE FIRE! what an amazing show, complete with synced fireworks and all. they sounded amazing! owen pallett was on stage with them performing for their entire set. they closed off the night with 'wake up' - absolutely perfect!


    major lazer had the piknic area going OFF! crowd surfers, hands-in-the-air, tomahawk salutes... pure madness! we sat at the back on a picnic table puffing away and it was perfect. then off to see snoop, who really impressed me! he played a few classic covers including tupac's 'hey mama' and house of pain's 'jump around'. sonic youth, metric, the antlers all sounded real crisp, then WEEZER, a band i loved back in high school. they played all their hits, plus the now classic mash-up cover of MGMT's 'kids' and lady gaga's 'poker face'. all of us were rocking out to that shit!

    all in all, a killer weekend of music and tomfoolery. can't wait for next year!!!
  3. mushroom

    mushroom TRIBE Member

    seeing rivers cuomo wearing a blonde wig for the lady gaga cover was pretty fucking hilarious too!

    and you're right, ontario's liquor laws are so fucking antiquated its bullshit.

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