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Original Ice Style 9


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So I kinda slept on the Original Style (Electrician) and Ice 9 (Phat Conductor) releases and now it's virtually impossible to find either of them anywhere in North America from any of the sources I'm familiar with. I figured it only makes sense to ask here before I order from the UK. So does anyone know of North American retailers I can pick these up from online? Perhaps you've got an extra copy of either of these you're willing to part with? I knew these tracks were hot but I didn't realize how hard they would be to get your hands on. Any help would be appreciated.

is da label for the Phat Conductor.

But the site is under Construction.

Dude. Trust your instincts!!! If it sounds good buy it!!!!!

Good luck!

maybe try PM ing them here?
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Haha, I'm the worst at doing this too. I missed out on Ice 9, which I'd love to have.

So 2wars or Dylan, if you've got some extras layin around I'd like to buy a copy.
Theres a few Original Styles at 2 The Beat.

Ice 9 is a slippery bitch tho and hard to keep in ones hands. I do believe it's sold out everywhere...
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i'm working on saturday and if it's still in the bin i can send it back to the toronto release next week.

lemme know.

Click on the logo on the first page! :p
that's just an announcment saying that the new version is launching soon.
i was just on satellite records site, and apparently they still have copies of electricians track. but instead of the track being called "original style", it's called "ragga man".
it's number 16 on there breaks sales chart!
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