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Original Graffiti Work...

Matt Carl

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i guess the letters look north american, maybe it's the colour style that reminds me of euro stuff, i dunno

who gives a shit, that guy is oozing talent, everything public of his i have seen i have loved
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le bricoleur

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I saw an ice cream truck last night that was painted by SCAM.

it had a pretty dope penguin on the back and polar bear eating a fudgecicle.


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Ryan MacKeen (CASE) does amazing work on all sizes of canvas and different sorts of found surfaces.

I bought these 2 several years ago and hope to buy more from him soon. His stuff is very lush and almost seems to breathe. These pics don't do them justice, but...

1.) WS. Burroughs on found headboard by Ryan Mackeen.

2.)Woman with wine Portrait on canvas by Ryan MacKeen.

PM me for more info and pics. I know he has a bunch for sale.

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I basically bought 3 hollow core interior doors, primed them and put them together with piano hinges, creating a nice large room divider. Then I had Duro paint 'em. It worked out quite well for the office.