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Organic Fruit and Veggie Boxes


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We have been thinking about getting one of those nifty boxes of organic produce delivered, and there seems to be several companies out there that offer this service.

Anyone have recommendations of specific companies, or have any negative experience with this?

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I used to get a medium sized box delivered from Wow every week. Overall it was a good experience, you just have to figure out what to eat first before it's going to go bad, but after a few weeks that's pretty easy. I loved that you get a variety of stuff - I was introduced to a lot of produce that I would never have tried otherwise. And it was all delicious - especially the soft fruits like peaches and nectarines. The big downside is the price, but if I wasn't a student I'd probably splash out and still get one weekly.

Just make sure you have a shady spot for them to drop the box off - in the summer it can get kind of 'sweaty'...
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FoodShare, Field to Table – O
Large ($32) and small ($22) organic food boxes available weekly. Phone to find a drop-off near you, or start your own group. Direct from certified organic farms, local and imported. A non-profit project to improve community access to affordable, nutritious food.

Front Door Organics – O
Home delivery of high quality fresh organic produce. Free substitution of up to 2 items per delivery.

Green Earth Organics – O
$35 Harvest box or $45 Family Harvest box delivered to homes or business weekly or bi-weekly. All vegetarian. Check their website to see what is included. 10% of all profits are donated to like-minded non-profit organizations that serve the community and environment.

Ontario Natural Food Co-op
info@onfc.on.ca, 416-503-3663 [FOOD]
A wholesale distributor of organic and natural foods since 1976. Serving co-ops, buying clubs and natural food stores. Wide range of vegetarian foods (no produce).


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When I had leukemia and had to be real careful about what I ate I was lucky enough to get organic boxes from Front Door Organic. They are really really good and provide recipes with thier boxes for their more exotic vegetables


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Ive had a great experience with front door organics. as long as you have a safe place for it to be left (we are in parkdale and our back porch is fine) you're golden. they have a full line of grocery products that they will send you for free to sample from time to time. the two of us get the large box every two weeks and its just enough when you consider that we do like eating out sometimes.


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Wow, the foodshare box seems quite a bit cheaper than the other companies. I guess you have to pick it up, which isn't really an issue for us. Anyone have any experience with foodshare?
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Ive tried the foodshare as well. It is a better deal overall as its a company with a mandate to make for affordable produce.

you dont get as much as you do with the other companies, the produce is seasonal (which is good if you like root vegetables in the winter) and you cant make substitutions. we found that when the box got picked up late that people who had picked theirs up earlier sometimes made their own subs and you would end up with a ton of potatoes and some of your produce was missing.

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We get Front Door Organics.
Great quality. In over a year we've had 2 bad vegitables show up. We called them, and the next box contained a replacement/substitute... and they always throw in a little extra to be nice.


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quantumize said:
maxine your the best..that was the politest timeline i have ever seen...

goodmorning !


haha no need for me to be a twat Joe(I save that for other threads where people are dinks). Besides I love when people are conscientious and eat organic.

Good morning to you!;)


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I might start the Food Share as the pick up is in my building! Yay for living in hippy artist co-op
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^Nice! Awesome to support the local Organic farms.

<---Hippy at heart...and the way I eat and shop(not so much by the way I dress):D


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hey, tre, you in the hood now? i have it in my head it was march you were moving: rhino it up soon?

i had foodshare before: i didn't have a place at home where they could drop it off, and they had a pick up spot just down the street from me, so it was great until i started being across town all the time and not able to pick it up until things had started to go bad. i loved that it was all local and supported local businesses and stop-hunger initiatives, and i loved that you never knew what you were going to get in a box. it made me try new things, it made me experiment in the kitchen, and i'm an experimental surprise-loving type girl. they also include recipes and all that goof non-profit info.

as soon as thom and i settle down into a place we can actually like i intend to get it again. dooo eeet Tre!