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Oreo Cookies....


TRIBE Member
I really want some...

Le sigh.....

Where's that guy that always offers to go to the 7/11 for us?


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I'm not really down with the cookies... but damn, the ice-cream is fucking fantastic!

I think I'm gonna go scoop myself a bowl. :)
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Temper Tantrum

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I brought a box to work. I didn't get to eat any.

My manager walked in eating the last ones right before my lunch break.

Never donate oreos to ones coworkers out of charital impulses. Unless you don't want to have any.

I wish i had an oreo now :(

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i wish i could say it was b-c i'm walking around with ppl's decapitated heads.... but alas... it's b-c of the oreos.

and Little Dbbie's Cake Donuts.