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Ordering Contact Lenses Online

The Watcher

TRIBE Member
I know of 3 Reputable sites for ordering Contact Lenses online


What really surprizes me is the price difference you get for ordering the same product.

The Canadian Site, clearlycontacts.ca quoted me 20$ per box more expensive than the american based webpage, after exchange.

So I order 2 boxes per eye of the Acuvue Advanced for Astigmatism (4 Boxes in total)

www.visiondirect.com ----- 146.21$US ----- 172.02$CDN
www.1800contacts.com ----- 159.80$US ----- 188.05$CDN
www.clearlycontacts.ca ----- 248.47$CDN

That's a 76$ difference!?! Wow, that's a HUGE difference... I'm glad I actually shop around instead of throwing 75$ out the window.

So, dont get ripped off people. If anyone has an even better/less expensive source, please share. Cuz really, who wants to pay more than you have to anyhow? I know I dont.

Metal Morphosis

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has anyone had any recent experience with ordering contacts online?
I see Nick did this about 3 years ago so am just curious to know if there are any tips / things to look out for?

I called my optometrist and they said 1 box per eye (6 lenses in each box) would come to $175.
I checked 1800contacts and it quoted me for 2 boxes per eye at $130 USD with FREE shipping.
seems like a no brainer to me but it almost seems to good to be true, is it?


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i've been doing it for a few years...all good no worries. Only caveat is they have like 15-30 days guarantee. So if you buy at 6 months worth, and on the 2nd month yo have a defect product, you can't get a refund.

But if you do the math, optometrist prices are still a jack and defect products are exceptions to the rule, unless you're buy a cheap brand.


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Haha suckas! Get yoself an SO that works for a contact lense company!

Best deal evar!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheer Bear

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R4V4G3D_SKU11S said:
I use visiondirect.

Has anyone claimed contacts ordered online through their benefits?
Yep, just fill out the forms, along with the receipt, and you're good to go.

The Watcher

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SuperMeaghan said:
how long does the delivery usually take?
5 to 10 days usually.

I'm still using VisionDirect, it's the best price I've ever found, I can't believe that report confirms my research!


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try www.coastalcontacts.com instead of their .ca site and then you can use ULTIMATE10OFF to get an additional 10% off the order. It worked out cheapest of all the sites for my last order this week. Coastal/Clearly .ca/.com all ship from the same place (Vancouver) and there won't be extra duties or taxes.

I've ordered from them many times (got the coupon code from RedFlagDeals) and I usually have them in my mail box the next day - and they put a free pair of cheap sunglasses in each order, too.

Metal Morphosis

TRIBE Member
The Watcher said:
5 to 10 days usually.

I'm still using VisionDirect, it's the best price I've ever found, I can't believe that report confirms my research!
do you end up paying for customs/duties on stuff that comes from the USA?