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Orbital Greatest Hits

The Truth

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The Hartnoll Brothers release their Greatest Hits album, 'Work 1989 - 2002' on May 27 via FFRR.

The album is a retrospective collection which starts with 1989's classic 'Chime' and includes a new track 'Frenetic'.

The album's tracklisting runs:

'Satan Spawn'
'Nothing Left'
'Are We Here?'
'The Box'
'Funny Break'
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Frenetic is a new mix of Kinetic. The CD will also include a version of Chime based on the live version they've been doing for a while now. Sounds like the Japanese version of Work will have a second CD.

Also watch out for Rest and Play (upcoming singles).
And they're doing a DJ set at the Essential festival in Bristol (May 4).
And they're playing outdoors at Somerset House (London) June 21 and 22.
And they're playing Glastonbury this summer (Last weekend in June).
And they have a mixCD on the cover of April's Mixmag.
And they have a Back to Mine CD coming out soon.
And they're appearing in the movie XXX with Vin Diesel this summer.


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Will this get released on vinyl? Perfect chance for me to catch up on some classics.


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Interesting that there's only one track representin' In Sides - in my opinion, their greatest album and one of the best electronic albums of that time. I love Orbital's really melodic tracks, which are heavily present on that album....I found everything post-In Sides to be too focused on generic beats and overly similar vocal samples, although they had some nice gems with Otono and Nothing Left (which i can only listen to a couple times before i get sick of them and have to put them away for a couple more months).

Ah, the glory days of IDM.