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Orbital appreciation thread

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it's all about the Brown album...IMPACT and LUSH.... wicked, timeless tunes.

Belfast hits close to home too...

and Chime deserves a good mention.
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Oh man, this thread has my name written all over it. I have been a huge Orbital fan since I first heard them back in 97. Seen them live three times, been involved with the mailing list / irc channel / loopz forums since forever... Some might even call me obsessed ;)


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I love their remix of Madonna's Bedtime Story. It totally brings that track to a new level. I mean, Bjork, Nellee Hooper and Madonna TOGETHER. It's like a dream!


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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

DR. WHO (Doctor?)
Nothing Left
Funny Break (all versions)

I have yet to see them live... :( i missed them a few years ago, when they swung by... I'm still kicking myself.
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It's all about that Inside album, however I'm a big fan of snivliastion and Middle of Knowhere.

One of my first times getting stoned I was listening to "Girl with Sunshine....", and that initial warped bass sound was completely coming out of the speakers from the stereo on the other side of the room.
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Originally posted by stargurl*
Stevie Be Zet


This has long been a source of confusion for me.

I know that the first compilation I heard this track on ( I believe it was an Eye Q compilation) Stevie Be Zet was credited with this tune.

Everywhere else though it seems as though Orbital gets credit.

Which is it?

I have always wondered the answer myself.
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from http://www.loopz.co.uk/faq/what.html
Submitted by Matt Wiecha (updated - 10th Nov 1999)

Q What is the "Blue Illusion" track? There is a song called "Blue Illusion" by a group called Orbital. Is it the SAME Orbital as in Paul and Phil Hartnoll.
A No ... its definatly not an ORBITAL release and Phil and Paul never wrote it. Someone else is using the Orbital name it appears. Ive listened to the track and if i remember correctly it was very upbeat.
A visitor to the site was kind enough to send me an email with more information on this question. MobileOak stated "The actual song is from a compilation called "Behind the Eye" and it is Volume 2 in the series. The song is actually done by Stevie Be Zet".
The track can be found on a compilation album released by the German based EyeQ record label (established by Sven Vath, Heinz Roth and Matthias Hoffman). The compilation is called Behind the Eye Vol II and the track Stevie Be Zet - "Blue Illusion (Flat Horizon Mix) (7.45)" is the 10th track on the CD.


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yeah, an outstanding production duo...have to admit that the last album wasn't their best, but put out one of my favourite tracks by them - illuminate (& love charlie mays remix...)...

however, as noted above, such tracks as halcyon, belfast (love that scene in human traffic with belfast providing the atmosphere) & nothing left...

definitely some appreciation from here...

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